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Lol no problemo
If you need help with directing or coding you can PM me if you want I’ll be happy to help :smile:

how do you make a character enter a scene whiles running , is it even possible to do that ?

Yes, it’s possible.
@CHARACTER enters from left to screen center AND CHARACTER is run_jog (or whatever run animation you want)

thank you … also i have two characters a brother and a sister , the brother is the oldest, so how i make the brother taller than the sister in all the scenes .

You need to use spot directing:

&zoom on 81 374 to 175% in 0
&SCARLETT walks to spot 0.587 159 326 in 3 AND SCARLETT does it while run_athletic
&TYLER walks to spot 0.623 77 325 in 3 AND TYLER does it while run_athletic
@pause for 3
&cut to zone 2
@DEXTER is laugh_guffaw
&pan to zone 1 in .1
&DEXTER walks to spot 0.623 192 328 in zone 1 in .1 AND DEXTER does it while run_athletic
@pause for .1
&zoom on 193 379 to 269% in 0
&SCARLETT is scream AND SCARLETT faces right
&DEXTER is tinker_loop_rear
Why doesn’t my character doesn’t tinker_loop_rear and stands idle?

Do you want him to do the animation after he finishes walking? Can you post more script what’s after?

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hey its ok i just fixed it right now by using a duplicate character :slight_smile:

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I am working on a story in the Ink style, and my speech bubbles are the regular blue kind. But I recently read an Ink story with those new-looking purple speech bubbles. How do I use those?

On the main page of your story click on the speech bubbles that’s where you can change the color :slight_smile:


Thank you!!

Okay I know I just asked a dumb question but surprise I have another one! This thread is awesome btw thank you for helping so many people!!

So, I reviewed someone’s story recently and the link they gave me took me to this place in the app where I could read “friend’s stories” I think and it didn’t use my passes, and I could use the “Navigation” bar and all that. How do I make that sort of link for someone?

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On the very bottom on the main page of your story you’ll find a share link for your story :grin: and thank you :slight_smile:

When moving a speech bubble around do I place the command before the targeted speech bubble?

Yes :slight_smile:

Okay cool, I had to downsize the overlay, Chihiro and Baby lena characters. The bubbles are in really weird places now.

@Apes Sorry but the overlay code didn’t work. I was checking it through my phone and the overlay never appeared. Here is a screen-shot of my script. Can you help me?

@Apes Nevermind I fixed completely. I forgot the opacity part.

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Hi guys! This is my first time making a game on Episode and I’m having quite a few problems already. I have copied and pasted a dressing game script so I could get an idea of how to do one and I have changed the names and outfits and stuff like that so it goes with what I am using. I was wondering if you could please read my story so far and tell me all of the errors and how to fix them. I also don’t really know what some of the words actually do :(. I would really appreciate any comments and tips! Thanks :slight_smile: Here are the images below…