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You can also use & with cut to zone :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I haven’t written in 2 weeks so I had fogotten about doing that. Though I have a question, not about my script. But do you also have to log into episodeinteractive every 30 days? Idk how to have it like, so that I don’t have to log in every 30 days

Hmmm… I’ve not heard nothing about such a thing :thinking::thinking:

I have to do it

So if you don’t log in in 30 days what’s going to happen then?

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Nothing happens, I just have to log in again

Oh I know what you mean :joy:

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You do? Do you know how to get rid of it?

I don’t think you can. Although if you keep logging out or cleaning our browser it may show up every time.

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Hi, I’m back on Episode after a few-months-break because of my finals & graduation so there are a lot of new things for me. I have a few questions:

  1. What are “counters” and “character points”?
    Are they this kind of thing you use in the “usual” java code?, for example “if (answer correct) { corect answers ++; } else { correct answers --; }” I mean that you can count thing with it? like in the example correct answers or some other points you want your readers to be gaining throughout the story? (hope this question didn’t sound to complicated)

  2. In some storys, especially the intros you can see some animations (with overlays) like a spinning image, lights or some things flying around. It doen’t matter how long you wait the animation doesn’t stop, so my question is: is there some kind of loop you can create, so that it never stops? or do the autors just make the moving-time veeeery long (so that you’ll be long done reading the scene before it ends)?

I’m not sure about the counters( no one knows :joy:) but characters points show if you’re using the point system in your story :slight_smile: flags are for gains, so you can see what have you gained (this is the method for remembering choices)

If you need more help check this thread;

For looping overlays check this thread:

Hey are there multiple types of story links? Because I have several people sending me links to their stories for me to edit, and they don’t take me to that “friends’ stories” portal; just the normal one. I want to edit their stories but I can’t use up my passes on them!

It’s most likely published story if it’s taking your passes.

OHhh so it only works like that for unpublished ones? You can’t read friends’ unpublished stories without using passes?

No, no. It’s not taking any of your passes if it’s unpublished :slight_smile:


Stupid question but how on earth do you make the phone ring sound ring more than once? :roll_eyes: :blush:

If you do music instead of sound it will play on a loop and then you can put music off when you’re done

so type music instead of sound… omg thank you but wow i have been fighting it for about an hour :open_mouth: and to shut it off just music off right like regular

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Yep :grin:

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