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Thanks now i feel hopeless lol jk jk :laughing: :laughing:

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You’re welcome, don’t feel bad haha

Still getting it but hey better than when i first started just some things still fight with like sound and spot lol :grin: thanks again now to go get a call going!:roll_eyes:

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Hey guys so i’m having trouble here on how to make the character enter and walk to a specific spot in zone 1 in lime light.

Check this helpful post :slight_smile:

I was wondering how I could use spot directing for the back round, INT. MOD APARTMENT - DAY.
I’ve tried used the tool on the app, but it is not giving me the option to resize the character. (I am trying to make them sit on the couch)

Check it out :slight_smile: I’ve added a spots there :slight_smile:

Are you resetting story progress after each time?

what am i doing wrong with stupid spot stuff??? ugh…

Capital letters for the character’s name

as well as how do i make her pace back and forth ?

OMG I didnt even catch that!!! wow wow wow its been a very long friday to the point of its my monday today :blush: :roll_eyes:

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@ ROXIE walks to spot x y z in t THEN ROXIE walks to spot x y z in t THEN ROXIE walks to spot X Y Z in t

and so on and so forth

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Got it thank you maybe i wont mess up the capital in it wow wow wow hehe

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good luck

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thanks again

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How do you “transition” characters back and forth in one scene?

Scenario: the MC is hallucinating and she’s seeing her attacker instead of her lover, for instance.
And if anyone reads Adrenaline, you’d have a good idea of what I’m describing: where Derrick is hallucinating and Rose/Liane’s mom’s character is flashing/changing to Sarah back and forth rapidly.

How do we do that? Is it
“JOHN becomes BOB”
“BOB becomes JOHN”


I never really got the “become” command tbh because its used in other scenarios for CC or gains idk

Just use:

@CHARACTER1 spot % X Y
@pause for 0.5
@remove CHARACTER1

And so on. U can change the pause time and use & to make it even faster.

Becomes command changing the look of the becoming character, so don’t use that :smile:

Hey I am very new to this great community and on the website it isn’t showing me my characters or anything what do I do?

Does it show you your story? Also did you make sure both the app account and web account are the same?