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If you need a BAR overlay you can find one in @uwe.episode linktree on Instagram :slight_smile:

If you want your characters to be already in zone 3 here’s the example:

&CHARACTER stands screen center in zone 3
&CHARACTER2 stands screen left in zone 3
@cut to zone 3


Thank you I really wanted her to be behind the bar since she is a bartender lol


Use the overlay then :slight_smile: but don’t forget to credit her :slight_smile:


I will :smile:



I’ve been looking for ages, there is this background used in MATCHMAKER and other stories (forgot the name) and I cant find the background! Its the reception in Cupid’s building. It has a reception desk and a staircase behind it and in zone 2 i think, it has a coffee table, its 3 zones altogether… pls help thanks xx


It’s a hidden episode background :thinking:


oh. do u know the name of it?



No idea. It would not work anyway. You would have to upload it. I will have a look when I’m on my laptop :thinking:


thank uuu

@Apes :heart::heart::heart:


Hello! I need a desk chair overlay, can you tell me where to find one?
Also I want to write a part of my story inside a dream, what effect can I use to transition from falling asleep in real life to being in the dream?
Thank you in advance!


There are many accounts who have these :slight_smile: Here’s the all background/overlay Instagram accounts I know :slight_smile:

Note: some of them are currently closed

For a dream, you can use Filters or transition fade in/out in white :slight_smile:


Thank you very much


When I do a fade in after placing my characters, like:
@CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER is idle_readbook
@transition fade in 2

The characters are standing there doing their animations and after a second, the fade in then happens. I can’t seem to fix this, and I’d like to know how to do fade-ins properly.

Thanks, xx


Use & instead of @ for placing a character :grinning:


I see some stories where more than one person moves at the same time someone is talking, but when I try, all I can do is let someone talk, then other people move, then more talking.
Do you know what I mean? Am I crap at explaining lol?


No, I understand :smiley:

use & for the commands instead of @ in between the dialogues.


Ah, let me try.


Thank you so much!


Thank you Apes, I’ll give it a try!


I found a desk chair in Google, but I can’t figure out who made it. The link goes to the forum but the thread shows only other overlays. a301d5ba2dcce6f114257bcd141a488a90d3d172_1_465x500
Maybe anyone knows who made this one?