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TBH I don’t know how to look at what I have done so far
I am not sure if the app and web accounts are the same

Did you connect your gmail or facebook to your app account?

Ok so I’m trying to create a story but every time I go to create my character the page is there but its just blank. Idk what’s wrong but I could really use some help if you can. Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah they are the same

I have the same problem. I don’t know whats wrong

Okay, can you screenshot the problem for me?

Have you tried refreshing the page? Also close the whole browser and open it back up and see if it does it again.


Click save changes real quick and see if it shows up?

@Liss6263 is this the same problem you are having? Look up at Dylanleej picture. above these two posts.

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nothing happened. It’s the same. It’s like that when I do the outfits as well

Okay, Have you closed the whole browser and reopened it?

Let me know if that helped you out?

no mine is just blank

@Dylanleej Okay, It could be the website lagging some. Especially since they are still updating the character creation section. I would check to make sure that your browser settings are not blocking anything for this website. Sometimes cookies can get in the way of seeing images on a website. I went into the character creation center for my story. The image does show but it takes a minute for it to appear. I think it might just be the website at the moment.

do you know how I could enable the cookies? Bc I remember when I first got on it said something like I didn’t have the cookies enabled and it might mess up some stuff but idk how to do that.

Okay, I can help you with that. I just need to know what type of browser you are using?


Do you use Internet explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox?

oh I use internet explorer.