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sorry if this is a stupid cuestion but I don’t have idea, how do you create a title page? pleeeease
(I’m spanish sorry is something is mispelled)

What do you mean by title page? Hablo español también

qué bien! me refería a la portada de la historia pero no se como se dice la verdad.

Como una imagen?

Si, justo

Como esta?


Muy bien, estos se llaman “covers”
Pues puedes hacer dos cosas:

  1. Crear tu propio covers usando screenshot que tomaste de tu historia y editándola para mirarse atrayente
  2. Aprovechar que ay otras personas que hacen covers para otros. Aquí están.
    La mayoría creo que habla solo inglés pero tiene q ver alguien que habla español
    Sino ay me envías un mensaje y yo te ayudo comunicarte con ellos
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Muchísimas gracias, de verdad


I think this is one of the most stupid questions ever :joy:
I can publish my story without censuring bad words? Or Episode will find me (:joy:) and delete my story?!
Thanksss :heart:


Yes you can, although someone my report your story and then you have to make changes. I’ve read somewhere that f word is allowed 5 times per episode, I don’t know if it’s true :joy:


The problem is that f isn’t the only bad word I used :joy: (my MC is furios with her boyfriend and she goes crazy).
Okay I can accept to make changes, the most important thing is that my story won’t be delete!
Thanks :blush:

Hey everyone! :sparkling_heart:
I have a question this time about “gains”.

Will the gain be remembered even if it wasn’t made in the same episode?

For example:
In episode four, the MC learns what a new friend’s favorite cuisine is.

ODETTE (talk_happy_agree)
What’s your favorite cuisine?

MATÍAS (think)

MATÍAS (talk_happy_hold_fist)
You’ll never see me say no to Italian.

gain italian_food
MATÍAS (talk_happy_hand_raised)
Oh, it’s definitely Arabic.

gain arabic_food
MATÍAS (talk_gossip)
Chinese! Chinese, all the way.

gain chinese_food

So, my question is, will this gain be remembered in episode 6, like when all the friends go out to eat? :thinking:
Or do I have to modify my script?

Yes, it will be remembered. Everything looks good :slight_smile:

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Awesome! :smile:
Thanks a lot, @Apes :1st_place_medal::trophy:

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I had a splash made for me how do I add it in as I tried adding it to BACKGROUNDS: Uploaded to YOUR account. But its not working …

Is it giving you an error message?

Kind of, it keeps saying its too small but the girl that made it said it worked perfectly for her

What the size?