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Ok so tries it timed wouldnt take it said error so took it off now i have this here and another spot before this as she stops to think about the situation, the other says its fine but this one isnt… why? and would it look better timed i mean whats the difference?

on the last command you have does does twice :smile:

hahahaha nope not again… i swear i did not see that… :roll_eyes: :blush: :expressionless:

try time the walking and see if it fits better to the scene :slight_smile:

yea maybe lol

no still says warning well error like earlier same one i posted. when i do the timed do you put how many seconds or no cause i am

Can you copy and paste the command here?

@ROXIE walks to spot 1.280 256 3 in 5 seconds AND ROXIE does it while walk_sad THEN ROXIE walks to spot 1.280 25 3 in 5 seconds AND ROXIE does it while walk_sad

all 3 lines when used are the same

@ROXIE walks to spot 1.280 256 3 in 5 AND ROXIE does it while walk_sad THEN ROXIE walks to spot 1.280 25 3 in 5 AND ROXIE does it while walk_sad

just add a number, don’t add seconds

oooookay i get it now the portal kept adding it so thought it should stay lol ill go do that thank you.

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worked yesssssss lol thank you apes :grin: would have been here all night again if i done it by myself lol :roll_eyes:

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Can someone explain to me what I’ve done wrong? I rarely use labels so I’m not sure how to correct it :sweat_smile:

Here is the code:

label riddle_1

@pause for a beat

What is the meaning of life?





@pause for 2

label riddle_end1

What mission is this regarding?

The error is; You cannot have a label inside if/then statements or {}.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Do you have any labels inside the choices? Because I can’t see it in the script you post it :thinking:

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Something is wrong with all my speech bubbles even narr. they are way off of where they are supposed to be and dont know why??

The new speechbubble styles have messed up the placement.

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seriously? what if i use traditional cause cant read half the words for some of them :sob: finally get her walking now cant see what shes thinking thats awesome lol. anyways to fix it yet or just go with the flow till its fixed

Can I see a screenshot? I just want to make sure it’s not a glitch

SO i switched back over to Dolan Twins one as i was using Demi i believe and it improved slightly but still off a bit i went through theres this and a few where its covering there faces up and switched like this but none off the page like before

Yeah, that’s definitely due to the new design . All the speechbubble styles are the same, it just differs in color. There’s no going back to the old version unfortunately. I recommend you fill out a ticket to admin like most of us have. Maybe that’ll prompt them to get it fixed


Yea ill do that hopefully it will…thank you though for at least trying.