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Have you tried this?

INT. WHITE with EPITUBE1 at layer 2 with SELFIE FEMALE 3 at layer 5
@zoom reset

@ANNA spot 1.240 160 50 AND ANNA faces right AND ANNA is talk_flirt_charming_atcamera and WILDER spot 1.280 385 56 AND WILDER faces right
@WILDER moves to layer 4
@ANNA moves to layer 3

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that’s not working as well :sweat_smile: i appreciate the effort though :blush:

Oh wow. I hope you get it sorted :slight_smile:

Your story looks so cool by the way. I think I saw it mentioned on a thread once. Is it called the Lads or something like that?

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yep its the lads :rofl:

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I’ll definitely give it a read :slight_smile:

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Hey guys I just gotta ask… How long will it take episode to review my own background?

It’s usually a few days but lately the time of waiting for approval is longer I waited 11 days last time. Now I’m waiting for one 8 days :expressionless:

oh gosh! lol so it’s gonna be a long time 'til I update my story :sweat_smile:

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Same :weary:

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Use negatives. :smile:
For example: @CHARACTER spot -1280 234 567 AND CHARACTER is lay_awake_loop
(I used completely random spots :sweat_smile:)

Do you have an example maybe? :thinking:

What am I doing wrong with placing my overlays?

And since you can’t see the full line:

INT. WRITER.LB_RESTAURANT with @overlay 6407970022359040_WRITER.LB CHAND OL shifts to -53 333
@overlay 6407970022359040_WRITER.LB CHAND OL scales to 0.640 0.640 with @overlay 6407970022359040_WRITER.LB TABLE OL2 shifts to -494 -102
@overlay 6407970022359040_WRITER.LB TABLE OL2 scales to 2.008 2.008

It depends on how far it is from the character I believe (not sure). There is no code to make it like that

INT. WRITER.LB_RESTAURANT with WRITER.LB CHAND OL to 2.008 -53 333 in zone 2

check this guide:

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Girls, I need desperate help. lol.

So, I’m using the fake gif command (&overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0 THEN overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0.5 THEN overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 0 in 0) and it’s kinda glitchy. i can see the little pauses. my question is, would it also be glitchy if I did it with shifting? i dont wanna waste time so i’m trying to guess :grimacing:

or should I file a ticket? bc web previewer and phone shows me two different scenes :cry:

if on the phone is right, leave it, opacity doesn’t work right in the web preview.

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ohh… smh all this time i thought i was doing something wrong it was the previewer… thanks apes!

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Thank you!! Once again, you are a LIFE SAVER!!!

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HIIIII ummmmm im writing a story and im new to the whole writing thing so I have a question… How do you like make a choice that repeats until something is done. For example, I am making the reader choose if they want to either customize their character or keep it, and I want to make sure that they are sure of their decision, because i know that some people tap things by accident and so they have to stick with their choice, but i want them to be like, yeah im sure, or no, i wanna go back that kind of thing. How do i do that?

Yeah its still not working