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Hmm Okay make a ticket with support. They should be able to help you out more.

How can I have two scene changes in one episode?

You will need to add another background to your script. You will need to do this:

@pause for a beat

@transition to black 2

@pause for a beat

Once you put that in with the background name you can make another scene.

Thank you so much.

No problem!

Thanks SOOOOOO MUCHHHJ this was so helpful! Kidos to uuuu!!!

Apes, i have a problem! It was all working perfectly at first but then something weird happened with the coding i guess so it ended up lookin like this!

At first it was just fine, but now it’s repeating choices and mixing words into the wrong choices, what did i do? Help,

I’m sorry :joy: I sent you a wrong one :woman_facepalming:t2:

Also, my animations wont play out on the preview screen. P.S I’m playing on my laptop

Did you check it on your phone?


Is it working?


Can you copy and paste the part of your script what’s not working?

sorry im late and sure

okay so I’ve read many stories where the character applies lipstick when doing the makeup, so what i want to know is the lipstick a prop or is it an overlay that you have to upload yourself

It’s an error because you created a character NARRATOR, we already have narrator as a default. Delete the script and delete the character, then u can use narrator in two ways:



The Prop name is Lipstick but it’s hidden. It works only on the app when you want to preview it

thank you so much

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What do I do about my problem?