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I’ve left you a PM message :slight_smile:

Oh, kk thanks!!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how many lines a story should have I’m barely starting my first chapter and dont want them to be to short

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When I try to sample my sounds for my story it isn’t working, do you know how to fix this?

Have you check if it’s working on your phone?

Yeah, its working but on my laptop, I can’t hear the sound

*Yeah, it’s working on my phone, but on my laptop I can’t hear the sound

make sure that you’re using google chrome, and check your laptop sound settings (maybe is off for only your browser) also make sure that your sound is not off under the web preview


if that doesn’t help send a support ticket here

Ahhhh! Thank you so much!

is anyone else having a glitch where their characters eyes aren’t showing up? my style is ink

Noooo :scream:

I have an issue :joy:
My code is:


“Flyer” {
There is a flyer with numbers.
The number for the castle is:
label Sequence
readerMessage Remember the sequence!
Do I remember it?
“Yes” {
Good memory!
goto Payphone
“No” {
Let me see that again…
goto Sequence

And the problem is basically that:
I want to give the reader a set of numbers, then if they forget them,they can go back and view them again.
But, I keep getting an error that says:
You cannot have a label inside if/then statements or { }.
I’m probably dumb for not knowing the reason why it isn’t working, but anyways :sweat_smile:
Anyone know the problem? :slightly_smiling_face:

You can’t have a labels inside the choices, you would have to put a goto and do that outside the choice

Oh, that’s understandable :joy:
Thanks again :smiley:

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Hello, i’m wondering is there a rule how many Choices there have to be in a certain amount of time? I’m writing part of my story in a dream and I was thinking in dreams you don’t really have a choice, it just happens to you.
Thanks in advance!

You can have as many choices as you want, or you can have none :slight_smile: it’s up you you!

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Thank you!

Is there a way to pan your camera from right to left as opposed to left to right?