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The camera pans from one zone to another. So it depends on what zone you’re in and what zone you’re panning too.

If you’re in zone 1 and you pan to zone 2, the screen will shift from left to right.
If you’re in zone 3 and you pan to zone 1, the screen will shift from right to left.

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how do i write more than one story at a time

I have a question sort of prior related about the “become” command.

It may sound like a dumb question, but what instances is this used?

In other threads, like this one “practical cheat trick” that said that it can be used to match a customizable character’s family skin tone and features.

Like what instances is it used and such? I cant find threads much about it

Is there a way to pan your camera from zone 3 to zone 2 (but the default is zone 1)? If that makes sense?

You have to press start a new story tab in the writers portal :slight_smile:

Yes, just cut to zone 3 at the beginning of the scene:

@cut to zone 3
@pan to zone 2

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Here’s a guide on this:

Many authors use this when they have CC. Since they don’t know what the reader will choose in characteristics for the MC, they make a double in order to do flashbacks and show a younger version of the MC. If they did this without the becomes command, then they run a risk of messing up the readers CC. The same thing with the family. Since the author doesn’t know what characteristics were chosen, they would have to resort to a more tedious method in order to have the family resemblance. The becomes command makes it easier.

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Okay, I have this problem where i put @CHARACTER faces right and the character just doesn’t appear on the screen, everytime i click the directing toll it keeps telling me “run time error”??? I’ve never had this problem before.

So basically a few of my characters are going out and I want them to change their hairstyles so I’ve used:

@CHARACTER changes hair into Straight

But when I go and reread previous chapters their hair has been changed to straight instead of how they were before.

I only want them to change their hair in that episode so I’m not sure why it affected the whole story any help please?

Also as a sidenote is there a way to change lip colour without creating loads of new characters, I tried:

@CHARACTER changes lipsColor into Plum but it didn’t work

You’ll have to reset your story progress from the bar at the top right. Since it’s the character’s last appearance change, and characters remain in their last appearance change until they receive another change command, they’ll stay that way unless you reset.

I reset the story progress and went back to the preview of the first episode and her hair is still straight not like before.:sweat:

I figured out how to change the lip colour it’s:

@CHARACTER changes mouthColor into Plum
For example but the changes I make still affect my whole story I’m not sure what to do I’ve tried re setting the story progress.

I think what happened is that you changed the character model permanently with the hair change.

Add a line at the beginning that says @CHARACTER changes hair into (whatever it was before.)

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Can you post more of your script? Maybe there’s an error somewhere else

Thank you it worked!!

Ohhhh I’m beginning to understand!

So basically…it’s like this.

Let’s call my MC as a kid (MCMIRROR), and this serves as a duplicate.
Then, after putting CC for the MC at the start of the episode, I just put “MCMIRROR becomes MC” AND THEN in flashback scenes, that’s where I can change their features in the script? (MCMIRROR changes hair into High Ponytail, for example?)

Is this the only instance it’s used?

And does it work on the opposite gender too? Let’s say I want a MC to look like their dad.
Will it still work, as long as I change the features in the scripted scene afterwards? Or will it only affect same gender?

Exactly like that :slight_smile: like a twin but you can change some features if you want to.

and that does work for opposite genders, but your MC would become a male :slight_smile:

Omg! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :kissing_heart::heart_eyes:

Hey! In your latest episode story ( I love it ) in the intro you had moving test! Can you teach me how to do that! Would be very helpful

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Hey, I was just wondering if someone could explain how to do a crowd sitting for the fancy restaurant background?