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THANK YOU!! It did work…I thought something was missing! :smile:

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Hey, I’ve finished with my first episode.

  1. I’m not sure what will display after my first episode though (e.g. “Do you want to receive notification when new update released?” thing).
    I wanna make sure what it shows though so what I write before I end my episode would make sense.

  2. Will the flags moved to next episode? Can I just bring up the flags in new episode?

  3. The new episode starts with “To be continued…”. Do I have to leave it, or I can remove everything and starts with a blank code page?

Thanks in advance!

  1. This one is only available for featured stories
  2. Flags/ gains or choices can be bring up in the next episodes :slight_smile: just need to make sure you’ll use the proper coding. (Let me know if you need more help with it.)
  3. You can delete it :smile:
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Hey friend, thanks for the response.

So what I write is what will display when people read it?
Like say if I have “Narrator: Stay tuned for more exciting episodes.” as my last line, and that’ll be the last line in my episode when played?
I’m not sure if you can understand what I just said. :confused:

So for the flags can I try it out in web previewer or mobile previewer?

Yes, you can write in the last scene that this story will be continued and change the status of the story for more episodes coming soon.

For checking flags use it mobile :slight_smile:

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Why is it taking so long for episode to approve backgrounds?

I wish I knew why it’s taking them so long :weary:

is there any way we can contact them and ask?

You can send a support ticket :slight_smile:

For how long you’ve been waiting for?

Idk, maybe a little more than a week

That’s not that bad :joy: I was waiting 11 days last time.


This will probally sound rlly stupid but how do you create a post/topic

There’s no stupid questions :smiley:

On the main page on the top you’ll have a create a new topic button.

Omg I love you… thanks so much

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They have a huge backlog of backgrounds to approve right now with a higher volume than normal. They’re working hard on fixing it though!

Hey again! So i am creating my own animated intro for my story, however I am trying to get three separate title overlays and the light overlay I added to move all at the same time. Now the light is so supposed to make a twinkle effect while the title pieces are moving into place, but I can’t seem to make it work simultaneously.
here is the script:
INT. NEWINTRO with A to 1.000 165 -327 with BEAUTIFUL to 1.000 -348 -306 at layer 1 with CHAOS to 0.874 273 -147 at layer 2 with BIRDS2 to 0.478 165 411 at layer 0 with BIRDTATTOO to 0.100 159 42 at layer 0 with TATBIRDS to 0.334 75 294 with SUNFLOWER to 0.100 126 367 with WHITEMAGIC to 3.106 48 406
@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
readerMessage @episode.Smartii

&overlay WHITEMAGIC opacity 1 in 0.5
@overlay WHITEMAGIC opacity 0 in 0.5

&overlay WHITEMAGIC opacity 1 in 0.5
@overlay WHITEMAGIC opacity 0 in 0.5

&overlay WHITEMAGIC opacity 1 in 0.5

@overlay WHITEMAGIC opacity 0 in 0.5

&overlay WHITEMAGIC opacity 1 in 0.5
@overlay WHITEMAGIC opacity 0 in 0.5

&overlay WHITEMAGIC opacity 1 in 0.5

&overlay A shifts to -99 -340 in 3
@overlay A scales to 1.000 1.000 in 0

&overlay BEAUTIFUL shifts to -24 -282 in 3
@overlay BEAUTIFUL scales to 1.000 1.000 in 0

&overlay CHAOS shifts to 42 -153 in 3
@overlay CHAOS scales to 0.874 0.874

How can I get my character to sit and eat at the sometime?
Does anyone know if they would be able to help me?
Thanks :grin:

same time *

So do you want light to twinkle every time the word shows up or twinkle all the time?