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twinkle all the time, love

You’ll have to use spot directing to place character behind the table so it looks like it’s sitting.

More about spot directing here:

I know exactly how to do that but I wanted to know how my character can sit and eat or can’t you do that ?:slightly_smiling_face:

Which style are you using?


No, sorry you can’t :expressionless:

Try loop command :slight_smile:
&overlay WHITEMAGIC opacity 1 in 0.5 THEN overlay WHITEMAGIC opacity 0 in 0.5 loop X times

X - how many times you want :slight_smile:

Omg apes, thank you so so much

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Is it possible to switch Spotlight and regular directing in a story?

And can you do it at the same time?

You can use it in cinematic stories :slight_smile: (full body)

set format spotlight

to come back to cinematic:

set format cinematic

with no @ right?

and you can’t do it at the same time yeah?

without @. and no you can’t do it at the same time, once you set up spotlight all characters will be in spotlight until you change it to cinematic

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So, I literally copied & pasted from the previous line. It works for the first time, but it won’t work now…I need him behind the table.

@COLT enters from right to screen left THEN COLT walks to spot 1.280 82 27 AND COLT moves to layer -5

@COLT stands offscreen left AND COLT moves to layer -5
@COLT walks to spot 1.280 82 27

It worked! Thank you so much!!! :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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Okay. I know this is going to sound really basic, and I rewatched the tutorial & looked in the guide (to no avail). If my characters are sitting down & I need one of them to get up, answer the phone, and walk offscreen. How do I do that? I’m sorry…

I’m not sure about animations for that in LL but you have to use spot and then animation for standing up, pick up the phone and then walk to spot (offscreen) while it’s walk and talking (again I don’t know if that kinda animation exists)

@COLT is transition_sit_to_stand AND COLT is walk_talk_phone_neutral_loop

This is the full line, but when that happens, he’s walking in place and when I said to zone 3, I got an error message.

@COLT is transition_sit_to_stand THEN COLT exits left AND COLT is walk_talk_phone_neutral_loop

or use walks to spot

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Thanks again! If I had to do this without you & the community’s help, I would’ve said forget my story, lol…

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