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How can we enter a scene and the zoom is already set a certain way.

&zoom on X Y to % in 0

Thank you x!

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Hi, does anyone know how to make your characters sing like they do in pitch perfect deep treble?

I didn’t read this story, but you can search up for an animation in the catalog, maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for


is there an ambulance sound effect?

Hello! Here I am again. So I would like to make 2 characters running and at the same time have a conversation. I know how to do the background moving thing and look like the characters are running but how can I put the conversation at the same time?

music police_siren2 ? I don’t thin there’s ambulance one

argh that’s so sad

Place characters on the screen
@CHARACTER stands screen left AND CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER is run_animation
@CHARACTER1 stands upscreen left ANDCHARACTER1 faces right AND CHARACTER1 is run_animation
Then for the dialogue use talking running animation

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Hello people, as many of you know I am the author of Story Of a Princess and Story of a princess 2 the revenge. I have been writing the second one for a while now and I feel awful because in the first story near the end I gave them the choice of the baby’s gender but now I have done 9 episodes of the new one and said that I have said the baby’s gender is a female and her name is Isabelle. I feel as though this is a turn off point for the readers and I don’t want that to happen. I want to make my readers happy. Should I see if there is a way to create the baby and ask them a name in which they can decide if it is a boy or girl and put the bundle in any colour as now it is gender neutral or to give them the choice again and have to outcomes based on the boy which I am not entirely sure how to do? Any suggestions please? Thanks guys.

can someone tell me how I can slowly change my filters, I want to make it turn from sunset to night, but it just cuts to it instead of slowly turning it.

Check the guide about remembering choices :slight_smile:

HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

you can change the opacity of the filter or use THEN command

@set hsl -5 42 -32 colorize with blendMode ADD to 66% in 3.0 THEN set hsl 5 -50 8 colorize with blendMode NORMAL to 100% in 6.0

I’m letting the readers customize themselves. Later I change the hair of this character for a scene in the past. How can I change the hair back to the way it was in the beginning?
(how the reader chose the hair)

Thank you in advance!:slight_smile:

The best what you can do is to create a twin character of your MC (so you can use it and change the hairstyle for flashbacks etc)

Here’s the way to do it:

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Thank you so much!:smiley:

i use for music and sound always sound works always :kissing_closed_eyes:

Is it possible to use guitars as a prop in limelight stories?
I’ve seen it in INK but limelight I don’t remember :thinking:

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