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Thanks for the help, I appreciate it!

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Thanks <33

i know this is a stupid question, but how do i add a chat bubble without a person in the screen?

If you mean a speech bubble then I don’t believe you can. But you can move characters off screen using ‘Spot Directing’. Also, if you need the speechbubble to be at a certain spot then you can use the ‘Bubble Helper’ in the previewer.

I’m trying to add a couple of splash cards at the start of my chapters - ‘this story has sound’ as well as ‘Mature theme’ card, etc.
I get an error message that tells me I need something in between. Do I have to or is there some trick to bypass this?

Use pause for a few seconds or/and transition :slight_smile:

Ahhh!! THANK YOU!!!

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thank you miss :slight_smile:

Hello! I have another stupid question. I want to change a character’s outfit but I don’t want to be in the screen when I do it because I change background (in the storyline is another day) and I tried to exit that character from the scene change her outfit and when I preview the episode the character had the same outfit in both backgrounds. So how can do it without ruin the outfit from the previous scene?

Thank you!

So… I tried that but it doesn’t work either :confused:
Maybe it has to do that I am using the LL version?

What I usually do:

@CHARACTER changes into

Hey !
I have a question and i have no idea how to answer it

How do you make the camera look up and down at the character like the camera starts at the MCs feet and the camera goes up to the head
I am soo confused its a bit confusing but i hope u know what i mean

Here’s a guide for that:

Thank you !!!

It’s ok, I fix it. I had a problem with the preview on pc but when I did it on the app in my phone everything worked. But thank you so much💜

Hi, hi! Another question, this time about cover art. I know they’re pretty lenient about what background we use (as far as I understand, as long as it doesn’t have a logo you can get it from anywhere), but do they care what we use for cover art? For example, could I go onto Pinterest, find a picture of a hot dude, photoshop him up and bit and then use him on my cover?

Thank you!

It’s better to use episode characters, because most of the pictures are copyrighted.

Ahh thank you!