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You need place speech bubble offscreen or change the size to 0%

oh thank you!

Don’t forget to reset after :wink:

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What does it mean when someone says “Bump” on their topic?


They are making it so that their post goes back up the list of topics. It will move up to the top because their post has the most recent activity, if that makes any sense.

Ohhh ok that makes sense…I was so confused when people did that. Thanks:)

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this is what I’ve put

@SCOTT enters from left to screen left AND SCOTT is run_athletic_neutral_loop

@SCOTT is run_athletic_neutral_loop

how do i make it so that he doesn’t stop before running again

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@SCOTT enters from left AND SCOTT does it while run_athletic_neutral_loop THEN SCOTT is run_athletic_neutral_loop
I tried it with my character, and it worked :slight_smile:

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That worked, thanks a lot!

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No problem :smile:

How would uploaded tattoo’s work? Would it be an overlay? and I would just have to move it with the character?


Yes, you would upload it and use it like an overlay. You would therefore need to move it when the character moves.

Okay, I will have to think about that. My story is about the Japanese Yakuza and they usually tattoo their body. I might need to stick to describing the tattoos instead.

How do you blur a word?

Click on settings

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I know, they should have tattoos for girls.

Guys I have a question… how do you get to put more than 1 image on a thread if you’re a new user? (Like how do you unlock that)


I think you have to wait 24 hours and then it will unlock.

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