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im trying to do a dressing game but it keeps say error. that’s my script:

please help


There needs to be a ‘{’ after “wear this” :slightly_smiling_face:


@RAVEN walks to screen center in zone 2
on the very top of the screenshot

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now it says this:

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There is no label called that.
label dressing_end
(I’m assuming) At the end of the dressing game :smile:


now it says this:

im sorry for my problems :confused:


You need an ending bracket after “Soldier” choice


and label dressing_end before

(Is this what I want?)


it keeps saying error:


because you deleted all the goto’s from it… PM me the dressing game script :slight_smile:


that’s the script:


ok, delete the label dressing_end now

You need to add label dressing_game at the very beginning of the dressing game before the dialogue for this choices


i tried to put it before the word “choice” and it said error i put it after the word “all black” and it still say error where should i put it? :confused:


Before the dialogue:

label dressing_game



It worked! thank so much xx

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How can we enter a scene and the zoom is already set a certain way.


&zoom on X Y to % in 0


Thank you x!

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Hi, does anyone know how to make your characters sing like they do in pitch perfect deep treble?


I didn’t read this story, but you can search up for an animation in the catalog, maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for