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Yes, that code looks fine


hey there! me again lol :joy:
I was just wondering how you use the

Blockquote @follow character to zone #
sorry if this reply looks weird, I can’t see my preview


@follow CHARACTER to screen position in zone #

@follow CHARACTER to screen center in zone 3

NOTE - you can’t follow to spot

You can use:
&pan to zone 3
@CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y in zone 3


Put scene for the kick inside the brackets (else)


oh right thanks!


Hi I’m trying to make my character disappear in one of the scenes, how can I do that?


You can make them instantly disappear by removing them:

@remove CHAR


Hi I was wondering how could I let readers customize a character that’s not named YOU and won’t change the name and won’t change the colors that the character already had. As in eye color, skin color, hair color, ext? Or if theres a template that has this it would be really helpful.


You can name character as you want. For part customisation visit Dara’s workshop :slight_smile:


Yes you can make them disappear instantly with the @remove CHARACTER function or you can make them fade out but you’ll need to work with an overlay.

first of all you will have to create an overlay of the background your character is on and upload it. then place it in your scene and stretch it out so that it fits the background perfectly, you can do this by changing the opacity of the background overlay to 0.5 and then resizing it so everything overlaps perfectly. place the character you want to disappear behind that overlay and change the opacity of the overlay to 0. then have the overlay’s opacity change to 1 in a set time frame then the character will fade out.
for instance:

@OVERLAY at layer 2
@OVERLAY opacity 0

@CHARACTER moves to layer 1


@OVERLAY opacity 1 in 5.5

This means your chacater will fade out in 5.5 seconds.

Hope that helps, let me know if you want a visual representation. :cherry_blossom::blossom:


Is it possible to walk, talk and zoom at the same time?

I’m doing a scene which is a limelight story and it it there’s news report for a morning news show and basically the character is stood right at the back of zone 1 in the urban street scene and I want her to walk to the screen center, talk and have the scene zoom to its reset position at the same time. If you understood this (I know it sounds complicated), can you tell me if its possible? :slight_smile: xx


Use walking and talking animation

&zoom on X Y to % in S
&CHARACTER walks to spot or screen position AND CHARACTER does it while animation


This is the script that I have but the speech is obscuring the character’s face, can you help me?

@MARIE MILLER spot 0.173 258 404 in zone 1 AND MARIE MILLER faces left
@pan to zone 3 in 3
@pause for a beat
@pan to zone 1 in 3 AND zoom on 277 207 to 608% in 3
@pause for a beat
&zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 7
&MARIE MILLER walks to screen center in 7 AND MARIE MILLER does it while walk_talk_neutral_loop
This seemingly peaceful town of Hawthorn Lake in Missouri’s North West is a beautiful destination with tourists due to its nearby national park.

However, it has a rather dark past.


Change the placement of the speech bubble. Move it somewhere where it will not cover the characters face


Thanks :slight_smile:


How do I use multiple overlays? I tried putting one in the line with the background and having the other ones @create, but the other ones aren’t showing up. Like I can see the white box around them in the app previewer but they don’t exist; like they’re transparent or something. But I didn’t adjust opacity. Is there a way to insert them along with the first one when I say EXT. SOCCER FIELD - DAY with … ?


Let’s see your code


EXT. SOCCER FIELD - DAY with TABLE SIMPLE to 0.350 0 0 in zone 5 at layer 1
@overlay FLOWER ARCH LIGHT create
@overlay FLOWER ARCH LIGHT to layer 2
@overlay FLOWER ARCH LIGHT shifts to -8 176 in zone 5
@overlay FLOWER ARCH LIGHT scales to 0.112 0.112

@overlay PODIUMS LIT create
@overlay PODIUMS LIT to layer 2
@overlay PODIUMS LIT shifts to 49 155 in zone 5
@overlay PODIUMS LIT scales to 0.105 0.105

@cut to zone 5


You have to add the opacity to the overlays that are adding using the create command:

@overlay OVERLAY_NAME opacity 1


Ah thank you!! I assumed the opacity was automatically fully visible lol