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There’s an @ zoom reset so you’re saying to use &zoom reset instead?

This is where I get fed up and delete the customization.

Problem 1 - when my episode starts it’s automatically zoomed in.
I have to hit directing helper and reset zoom while she’s running.
Problem 2 - When she reaches her spot then the customization pops up and soon as I hit something to start changing her look — the offset zoom in occurs.

Could you give an example? please if its not a problem!

  1. You have to add @zoom reset at the beginning of the scene.

  2. Once you open the Directing tab, you have press it again when you’re done in order to continue reading your story. If yo don’t click it again, the screen will keep running as if your editing something.

Ok some background or info, this scene I’m using gains so the arm overlay scenes can play out according to the skin tone options/choices I’ve given players beforehand. I gave 7 options in total.

What does this error mean? Heads up, yes I’ve reset story progress to test gains. I tried checking the other skin tones and it doesn’t seem to work :confused:

If you need the script lemme know but another note, I recently uploaded the arm overlays so they’re in review since yesterday.

It means you need to add @overlay OVERLAY NAME create to you overlay codes

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Make sure to click on @Apes 's link first to understand the directing! I’m only doing this because I feel like you’d need visual illustrations! :grinning:

And there you go! Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thankyou so much!

How do I get a character to say something and exit the scene but leave the speechbubble behind for a least a second before the reader can tap it away?

You can use walk and talk animation

&CHARACTER exits right AND CHARACTER is walk_talk_happy


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Thank you so much! It worked!

Though it seems like I’ve been having issues with overlays in general, even after now fully knowing how it works almost :sweat_smile:

I keep getting this error, saying it’s not a valid directing command. Which is weird, because I tried using the “create” command AND even did the “scene name with OVERLAY in zone 1”

@overlay ORANGE AND PINK LIGHTS create
@overlay ORANGE AND PINK LIGHTS shifts to 100 100
@overlay ORANGE AND PINK LIGHTS scales to 1.0 1.0 in 0
@overlay ORANGE AND PINK LIGHTS opacity 1 in 0

The error is that ^ all of those are “not valid directing commands”. I tried the & too, still gives me the same error.

Now, when I did the “SCENE with ORANGE AND PINK LIGHTS in zone 1”, it DOES show up initially in webpreviewer.

BUT, if I choose to shift and scale it just like the other lighting overlays I had no issues in doing, it’ll give the “not valid directing command” AGAIN.

Can someone help me what’s going on? And it’s all spelled correctly, so it’s not a matter of spelling errors. Hell, I even copy and pasted the name directly, making sure there weren’t even any zeros, so misspelling is out of the question :sweat:

It’s doing the exact same thing for my “PURPLE AND GREEN LIGHTS” too!

Is it because of the “AND” in the name? :confused: And if so, it just works if I add it in the beginning of the scene, but I’m not able to position/scale it at all, which is annoying.

Yes, it’s because AND is in the name
You’re gunna have to change that, sorry hun

I have a question, so basically, is there a way to sit and talk at the same time without using the default talk&sit animations? <3

Well you can always zoom in on the character until you cover up the legs while sitting then once their legs are covered, you can add as many animations as you want. Do this if you want the character to do more than just the talk_sit animation.
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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How do I make one character face a way while the other character is entering?

Use the animation “idle_rear” to have your character face away from the camera!
Or search in the animation tab the word rear, and BAM.
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

How do you add in choices?

Have a character say something like

Lol! Am I the best or Nah?

Then you write the word choice right underneath following by your choices’ names in " " and a {

Lol! Am I the best or Nah?

choice "YAS!" {
} "Nah!" {

Remember to close the { with the matching } or else it will show an error!
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

PS: If you need help with directing and coding, watch @JosephEvans 's tutorials on Youtube!