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Wait, actually it won’t work anyway. It’s because of an AND in your overlay name.

I had the same problem not so long ago and I had to change my overlay name to a different one. AND is used for combine commands so script recognising it as a command not overlay name.

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Ah, okay, thank you! :slight_smile:

How do you make a character appear already on the screen at zone 3 looking at their phone?

 @cut to zone 3
 &CHARACTER stands screen center in zone 3 AND CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER starts read_phone_neutral
 @transition fade in black 3

This is in INK. Limelight uses the same command but with different animations

k thanks!

How do you get a character to lay on a bed already before saying anything and then how does the charcter get up?

You need to use spot directing to place your character in the bed and to get up place it close to bed

Spot Directing

If you’re using episode bed check my thread here:
SPOT CHEAT SHEET: Episode Bed Spots Templates

Can someone please tell me how to use the black censored bars for naked characters??? thanx

It’s in the outfit category! It’s like a piece of clothing.

Oh really?? What is it called??

It’s called “Censor Bar” :slight_smile:

Thanx :heart:

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I keep reading mixed answers on this. Is ink cancelled or has it been placed on hold until they get more stuff for Limelight out?

No one knows. No one wants to answer our questions. They’re not making a new assets but I believe we still get some stuff (like clothing and hidden animations) but no one knows when :weary:


Okay, that makes more sense. I would be surprised if they ignored everyone’s plea’s for Ink clothing and animations. So many people still love Ink to Limelight.

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I wish they would at least say if we can expect more or not and when. It’s not fair. They updated last things for classic when a lot of people stopped using this style, I’m afraid they’ll do that again :weary:


Yeah, I know how you feel. I also wish they would fix some of the kinks in Ink clothing. Same with limelight clothing too.

I don’t think Ink will be remove as Classic has not been removed either. I just think they’ll stop making more assests or features on there or I honestly don’t know but if that happen which I hope they don’t because I most likely like Ink more then Limelight and plus I’m writing my story in Ink style.

Re-edit from is in bold…

I mostly like like both styles but I am writing my story in ink style.


Same, I just about to finish part 1 of my story which is in Ink.

I didn’t say that they’ll remove it. For sure they won’t do that. :slight_smile: