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@Apes Oh noo. I didn’t say you said that. I’m just adding my own statements. Lol, sorry for the misunderstanding.

@WolfGamerGirl37 Exactly. I just think that they should just leave it alone. Yes, some may get tired or stop reading Ink story or using it but for most people out there including me and you are still using it because we’re still writing it for our story.

But I am afraid that once we publish our story in Ink, I feel like more people will pay more attention on Limelight or new whatsoever styles they got in mind.


Yeah, I hope so too. That’s what I’ve been worried about too. I guess we will get answers later on.

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I guess so but hopefully soon we will get the answer we’re looking for.

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how do you get the screen to start off at zone 1 and mpve to zone 3?

I believe you can either do it this way

Pan to zone 1
Pan to zone 2
Pan to zone 3


Pan to zone 1 in 3


Cut to zone 1 in 3 (not sure if this part works as I have not tried it before.)


Cut to zone 1
Pan to zone 2
Pan to zone 3

Okay, can you make a character bow facing rear? Each time I have tried my character faces back towards the camera for the bow animation. Is there a way to fix that?

you can’t bow facing rear :confused:

Okay, I can do without it then.

thank you so much! also, how can I change the color of my characters hair in the middle of a story? do I have to make another character with the same name and stuff??

wait nevermind!! I figured it out :slight_smile:

Hi @dance4life_31! By default, the camera will start at zone 1 after you set a multi-zone background. If you want it to show zone 1, zone 2 and then zone 3 (‘pan’), you just have to use:

@pan to zone 3

And if you feel like the camera’s moving to fast, you can adjust its speed by adding in [insert preferred number of seconds in number] like:

@pan to zone 3 in 5

If you want the camera to just switch from zone 1 to zone 3, you simply:

@cut to zone 3

@cut is instantaneous so you can’t add ‘in seconds’ to it like @pan (That will result to a script warning). Let me know if this helps and if you have any other questions. :slight_smile:


I really need to figure out how to make when character is walk across the zones while a narration bubble is follow them. Like i’m telling something and my character is walking and the narration bubble is above them??? i try everything but narration bubble shows when my character is stop walking…

You have to use a & instead of a @

&CHAR walks to _______ in ___


you a life saver!!!

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Hi I have a question

How do you make something like this for a story?

It’s an overlay PHOTO FRAME with the background and characters behind it. It’s probably a screenshot with the sign uploaded as a background.

Just put:

Then place your characters and move them to layers -1,-2 for example. You may need use a bit of spot directing to fit them to the frame.

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Thank you so much!

Heey uhh… Am I allowed to make a story where a girl is in love with her uncle?
Or one where God is depicted as a villain that once had good intentions but now he is just evil?

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Most likely you will be able to! If some of the story is too inappropriate, Episode may add a warning before each episode. :slight_smile:

Lemme try again lol:
At the start of your story, you can add a background which gives a warning. The code for that is: