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Thx! I just didn’t want to start working on a story just for it to get banned later :stuck_out_tongue:

Ofc! Can’t wait to see the outcome :slight_smile: once you’ve published it let me know so I can read it! I’m not very experienced with episode like others are, but I know a fair bit :stuck_out_tongue:

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My stupid question is about an animation, because I can’t really find it! I’m talking about that animation where the character looks over to a far away spot, sorry If I can’t explain myself better, I hope you understand what animation I mean ;-;

Hmmm… search? :thinking:

Holy heck, I’m so stupid for not thinking about it.
Thank you for your help!

You should be careful because putting warnings are not giving you permission to use mature themes and other things (like cursing) someone still can report your story if it’s inappropriate.


Hey there, how do layers work? I’m trying to have a character stand behind a counter (COUNTER BAKERY) while two other characters stand in front of the counter. Thanks so much!:wink:

Here’s the thread I made about layers:

Sorry… I’m not very experienced aha

I know that
I’m just asking if those exact things are permitted. I am most definitely NOT going to write descriptive scenes or anything like that! I’ll also try to keep the cursing minimal and while I do have a character that will normally curse a lot I’ll just use words like “heck” since I don’t wanna upset Mr. spoiler over there with the word “Hell” :wink: If I ever end up publishing the story, you’ll understand why :))

I’ll try and keep it as family friendly as possible while still keeping my original idea of … You know… A girl whose name I will not spoil and her uncle being together

I’m sorry if I spelled anything wrong!

Does anyone know which animation use (i am talking about animation ending) when character stands with bulging eyes in the end (like poker face i don’t know how to call it, but i hope someone will understand me) :smile:

How do you make a choice go back to the begining? As if they were choosing an outfit.


Put a label before the choice (where you want it to return to) and place a goto at the part that you want to go back to the beginning of the choice (so like the end of one of the choice options).

How do you get ur own background in?


Go to your art catalog, change it to upload backgrounds to your account, and then upload your file.

Art Catalog

Oh ty

Hi! Im currently writing a scene where the character needs to walk to another while doing the walk_rear animation, but when I want to spot walk, it gives me an error. I know how to do spot walking, but this is wrong?

&ADDISON2 walks to spot 0.750 176 234 in 2 AND ADDISON2 does it while walk_rear AND ADDISON faces right THEN ADDISON2 is dustoff_loop AND ADDISON2 changes hair into Beach Wave Hair THEN ADDISON2 walks to spot 0.750 123 236 in 2 AND ADDISON2 does it while walk_exhausted

You need to move changing hair command on separate line

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Ty! I thought it was that lmao