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all changes into commands need to be on separate lines :slight_smile:

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My overlay is not showing up in the phone and computer
heres how i coded it

&overlay STAKE create
&overlay 5256300612681728_STAKE shifts to 31 258 in zone 3
&overlay 5256300612681728_STAKE scales to 0.032 0.032 in zone 3
&overlay STAKE opacity 1 in 0
how do i code it?

your code looks fine, is overlay appear in directing helper?

no it’s not showing up in the directing helper in both phone and computer :frowning:

Try to delete the numbers :thinking:

im confused how would i code that lol do i just delete the middle two lines?

No, I meant the numbers within the overlay name, just copy and paste the code I posted above :slight_smile:

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it works thank you :slight_smile:

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I have a problem and I already serched trough the entire forum but I can’t find the answer. I coded an outfit choice but there is this error message saying: There is a { on line 510 that does not have a matching }
I tried EVERYTHING but nothing works

can you post your script :slight_smile: ?

I need to see the whole dressing game choice, you can PM me your whole script if you want or try my template for Dressing Game with Gains

Maybe try adding another } at Line 522 or 523? The } at Line 522 closes the "Nah"option – it looks like there is no } to close “Simple Black.”

thats the first part

second part, sorry for the bad quality😑

It still says that line 510 doesn’t have a matching }

Have you tried adding another } to Line 522 or 523? Does it still say the same warning?

the problem is on line 514, Gains can’t contain spaces, use gain DILARA_PYAMA_2

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thank you it actually worked but now it says that line 501 doesn’t have a matching } the line which says }}“simple black”{

kill me now

did you add another bracket at line 523? if not add it