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Yeah, I learned that the hard way :joy:

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Does anybody know how to make the lipstick show as your character is applying it with the animation?

@add Lipstick to CHARACTER

@CHARACTER is apply_lipstick

This prop is hidden and it works only on the app

How do I pan and talk at the same time? Mine always pans then talks.

Is this a hidden animation? What’s the name of it

Use &

&pan to zone #

Thank you!

It’s talk_unsure and it’s in the animations catalog

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Thanks :heart_eyes:

Hi, can someone help me create a camera shake template for this scene in my story?

here’s the example

it really depends where your scene takes place and how do you want your shake to look like

I want a background for a clothing shop, where can I get it from?

there are many creators on Instagram :slight_smile:

note: some drives are closed or you need to fill out the form to access them

oh jeez thanks!

Hey, if anyone can help with this I will be forever grateful! So basically when I go to read my story my characters kinda just pop on the screen when I change scenes. Is there anyway to have them not pop on there and already be standing there?
Hope this makes sense!

use & instead of @ when placing them :slight_smile:

Oh perfect! Thanks!

Hi, It would be really great if someone could help me out on the end of the shush command. Can anyone please tell me the coding command for it? Your answers would be deeply appreaciated! :smile:

so you want to do the shush command without doing the previous animation?

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