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Here’s a guide for a head to toe zoom:

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I have a stupid question about complex branching :sweat_smile: Can we make different gains to go the same label? Or would that glitch/not work somehow?

Here’s a little snippet from my script:

Hopefully I’m explaining this correctly. Thank you!

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That should work fine! I use it in my stories, and no dramas so far!

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Is there a way to cut between two zones? Or a least have the camera between zone 1 and 2?
I have a background with a vertical bridge going straight up. It has half of it on zone 1 and half of it in zone 2. Can I spot the camera in the middle of both?

So there definitely is a way, but there’s a trick to it. You have to focus the image and then zoom in. It’s possible to zoom between zones but you can’t use focus right after because focus will lock you back into the zone you’re in.
Does that make sense?

Yes! I just tested it out in the mobile previewer. It works but I’m also going to try to resize the image so it all fits in 1 zone and then upload it. Thanks for your help.

Hey, it’s me (again) :blush:
My overlay GROCERIES moves in the right direction in de web previewer but on my phone they come from below :astonished:

What am I missing?

add in 0 to shifts command

Thank you for your quick reply but it’s still coming up from below… :thinking:

which code is it? the first one?

The groceries should start somewhere in the back with Liv and follow her to the front.
In the web viewer that’s exactly what happens but in the app they start below the front and move upwards to the point where she stops walking.

add in 0 to the scale command as well :thinking: , the app is more reliable than web preview

are they showing up in the right place?

That’s not doing the trick either…
The groceries end up in the right place and follow her the right way from there. Only in this first movement they don’t come with her from the back to the front but they rise up from below.

it might because of &… tell me one more thing do you want the bags to be there on the beginning of the scene?

Yes, they should follow Liv. It might look weird if the bag just appears when she’s reached Scott… :thinking:


EXT. CITY STREET CAR OL - DAY with CAR FRONT PURPLE with GROCERIES to 0.343 76 268 at layer 1

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I have used episode to watch stories for years now, and I just now decided to attempt to create one. Well, I chose Limelight, because they are newer and look more advanced, but, I took Episode’s suggestion and used Spotlight, to help focus on the story and everything more instead of their actions and everything, until I get used to it. But, after I created it, I looked at the preview on my laptop, and the character spotlight’s, are off the screen. I checked on my phone and it’s the same way, how do I fix it?

Jaaaaaaaaa :heart: :grin: :heart:
Thank you so much!

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did you zoom in the scene maybe? :thinking:

try @zoom reset on the beginning