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I tried that.

What do you think about not being able to customize your main character?

are they not showing up at all?

I personally don’t use customization even if it’s available. Here are a few topics about opinions on customization:

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Can someone help me?

did you create your characters?

No i didn’t

you need to create them (if there’s too many characters the randomizer won’t show up)

How do you change the outfits on a mannequin dressing game template?

just use:

@MANNEQUIN changes into outfit name

(or whatever you named them)

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Sort of the edges of the Spotlight are, but it won’t show them completely.

can you show what you’ve got? (script)

Thank you

Hi, can someone help me? I want to make a kid character but my character doesn’t maintain their size when they walk over do actions like the Run + Lift move.

Also, I want to use the phone background and put a photo on the photo, using the phone they use on Demi (Like an overlay I guess). How do I do so?

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You need to keep the size of the character the same, when you moving it (so instead of for example @CHARACTER exits left you have to place character offscreen and use command @CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y)

The first numbers are the size of the character (keep it the same)

more about it here: Spot Walking (Walking w/Spot Direction)

and can you explain a little bit more what you’re trying to do? (I didn’t read Demi stories)

I don’t know if you’ve seen it but there’s an overlay that’s a phone and there’s a hand holding it (you can only see the thumb I think) and I want to put a photo on the phone screen but the thumb is blocking it :frowning: https://www.episodeinteractive.com/preview/pv1_over_SELFIE_FEMALE_4.png

Upload photo as a background then use it background with this overlay

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Wow, why didn’t I think of that :laughing:

What does “your label may not contain a space” mean and how do I fix it?

Can you post your label?