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First this line need to be separate (not next to the choice) and you can’t use labels inside the choices you need to put a goto label and place customisation outside the choice.

When you placing your character delete use these only in dialogue

I used a template and just inserted it, in really new to this so I’m really confused, do you have a suggested template?

Do you want the reader to pick up their gender?

If you want the reader to choose MC’s gender, perhaps check out this template by @ Dara.Amarie :

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Tysm, I’ll try to figure it out when I go back on my computer

Good luck with your story! :wink::shamrock:


How do you screenshot a story you’re writing without the side tools?

tap the button “Narration” then tap on “Hide the elements of HUD” . And that’s how you preview your story without the side tools. To turn this mode off, you have to exit your story then open it again.

Thank you so much for helping me out :)!

Yay! Glad I was able to help!

How would someone plan a story?

there’s many sites online when you can plan your story. I personally have a notebook when I write all my ideas for things I want in my story to happen.

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Thank you!

How do you get the side tools back?
i can’t get mine to come back

you need to exit the story and enter again :slight_smile: