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Okay thank you

Hey so i was wondering how i can have a video something happening on a tv while its on another background

A video? Or a scene in the story?

Like somethings happening on the tv

you need an overlay and place your character behind it. You can ask in Art Resources section maybe someone have a TV overlay :slight_smile:

Hello! I just wanted to ask this: In INK I saw an animation where the male character raise an eyebrow and he is thinking. I know it’s a hidden animation but I don’t know which.
Can anyone tell me? :blush:

Hi, I am now busy creating choices and I notice that they are clickable when I test them. Is it indeed the case that, once published, people will also be able to click on it? And the only option for me is to create a label / goto?

Hi, my overlay is not showing up - it is accepted and I’ve tried moving it to another layer.
This is what my script looks like:
@overlay TIVOLI POPCORN create
@overlay TIVOLI POPCORN moves to layer 15
@overlay 5348563092373504_TIVOLI POPCORN shifts to 271 251
@overlay 5348563092373504_TIVOLI POPCORN scales to 0.604 0.604

Do you have any idea why it isn’t showing up? (I’ve wieved it both in the web previewer and on my phone, also tried moving it around but you just see this box around where the overlay should be - I can’t see the actual overlay.)

I don’t think there’s a hidden animation like this one :thinking: @RudeInception?

You don’t need to create a labels and goto’s if you don’t need them, and yes read will be able to click on them.

You need to add opacity command as well when you’re creating your overlay in the scene

@overlay OVERLAY opacity 1 in 0

Oh, that makes sense… thank you :sweat_smile:

I tried it and I still can’t see the overlay, not in the web previewer nor on my phone :frowning:

@overlay TIVOLI POPCORN shifts to 271 251 in zone #

The # means the number of the zone you want to place the overlay in.

“Nah, I am already loking like a snacc!”{
@pause for a beat
@speechbubble reset
gain Nah, I am already loking like a snacc!
Is not working
It say the code does not have a matching }

Your gains can’t contain spaces nor apostrophes

@writes_emma never heard of it. Maybe if you can share a screenshot we can get a better idea

Why doesn’t the creation of classic characters ever work

Quick question. I was wondering if you could put the reader’s chosen name in a narrator bubble?
I know you can have it appear in a speech bubble but can you do it like this:
It was a dark and stormy night…