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No idea :weary: did you send a ticket?

I need help, it says my backgroud doesn’t exist but it does?
I checked to see if I spelled it wrong but i was also shocked that i spelled bathroom so incorrectly LMAO but that’s the actual way i uploaded the background. I don’t understand why it’s not working

this is kind of a stupid question but can someone please explain to me how i give a proper shout out? and can you also explain how to tag someone? thank you so much! I’ve tried looking it up and nothing comes up! it’s for the people who asked to be characters in my new story i’m working on.

First, fix the the spot position for Lucia under INT. BATROOM.
It should look like this:
&LUCIA spot 0.884 210 187 AND LUCIA is talk_gesture_rear

Second, Check to see if you accidentally put a space between INT and .BATROOM on your script.
Let me know if this helped you out.

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In order to put a shout out in a story. You have to make a dialogue box using narrator. Like this:
I give a shout-out to (Name_Here) for character or art work in my story.

You will need to put either their forums name in the shout out or their Instagram name. Depending on their preference. Most people want you to do it for every episode or others just want their name credited just once.

Now, unless your tagging someone in the forums then just put the @ symbol in front of the name with no space in between them. Like this @WolfGamerGirl37

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hii!! ive been having this error for a while in my script at a particular point.
heres the error and script:



where the yellow part is is where it always seems to stop, i did change it from tinker to dustoff loop but the same error occurs (THIS HAPPENS WHEN I PREVIEW IT BTW)
and yes i have refreshed the page and previewed it again but the error is still showing up :confused: pls help!

Thank you !

Hi I need, help I want the overlay blanket under my character but i"m not sure how to get it under her so that she can sit on top of it.

Move your character to layer 1 and blanket to layer -1

Omg thanks so much!

How do i do that though?

There’s no errors in your script so I have no idea why this one appears. Did you try cleaning your browser?

I did the girl in layer 1 but how do I direct where the blanket is?

And when shes in layer 1 you cant see her…

Use: @overlay OVERLAY to layer #

Not a valid command it says

Read my guide :slight_smile:

Did everything work out? :thinking:

thank you so much!

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