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Help! I’m new here and I’m writing my first story but i still feel stupid for this :sweat_smile: but how do i make characters walk in/out of the scene?:thinking: :heartpulse:

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

@CHARACTER enters from position to side

@CHARACTER enters from right to screen center

Your character can either enter from left or right to all these basic screen positions:

@CHARACTER stands screen right

@CHARACTER stands screen center

@CHARACTER stands screen left

@CHARACTER stands upscreen left

@CHARACTER stands upscreen right

@CHARACTER stands back far left

@CHARACTER stands back left

@CHARACTER stands back right

@CHARACTER stands back far right

How to exit:

@CHARACTER exits left
@CHARACTER exit right

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OMG thank you for the quick & useful reply :grin: it worked for me :smile::heartpulse:

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Hey, how do you change the lip colour of a character?

@CHARACTER changes mouthColor into Color

Thank you!

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It didn’t work :confused: Did I do it right?

@CHARACTER changes mouthColor into Mocha

Okay, thank you Apes. :slight_smile:

the color need to be exactly the same like it’s in the character creation part

so red will be Ruby Red and purple will be Raspberry or whatever shade you want :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I realised that. Thank you so much though, your honestly so much help!

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My background for one of my scenes is not showing behind the characters
Does anyone know why?

try @zoom reset

It’s just coming up with a black screen

what’s your script? did you try @zoom reset?

I tried it but it didn’t do anything

This background only has 2 zones you cut to zone 3

Okay thank you :slight_smile: :slight_smile: