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for backward walking use:

@CHARACTER walks to screen right AND CHARACTER faces left

I’m not sure if this is the right one, but check here:

Thanks, I will.

Is there a way for Making slow motion or something in a story ? :thinking:

thanks for that, i know solved my problem, but now one more question. this character which walks to spot command is walking through my main character how can i make him walking a little far away (imagine that there is a char1 who is ahead and char2 is walking behind his back)? i use this command :

@TOM walks to spot 1.100 700 100 and TOM is walk_talk_phone
@remove TOM

What do you mean?

I mean can we make an animation go slower? Like slow motion in movies

I wish we could :joy:


Do you want your character to be smaller or to be behind the MC?

Does anybody know if you delete an outfit from a previous & posted chapter will it affect that certain chapter even though it’s posted already?

Yes it will. If the outfit existed in another episode, that character will most likely nude or some other type of glitch will occur.

Dang that’s unfortunate but thank you for the fast response!

Is it possible to use an image that I already have on my computer as a background? I’ve seen other people do it.

Do you mean upload your own backgrounds onto Episode? If so, yes you can do that but make sure you are allowed to use them & make sure to give credit to the artist. If you’re looking for images free of use to upload, you can check out pixabay.com :jack_o_lantern:

Also, you can check out this post on how to upload your own backgrounds and overlays: 🖼 HOW TO: Upload Cover / Background / Overlay :orange_heart:

Good luck! :black_heart:

Thank you!

I was wondering how to make a character fall and stay down without them getting back up in ink style


Yes :slight_smile: Just use THEN command after

@CHARACTER walks to _____ AND CHARACTER does it while run_fall THEN CHARACTER is idle_fallen

What is the “follow” command use for?

Silly question, but is it the same command as “pan to zone # AND CHARACTER walks to spot/screen position in zone #”?

Yes, these commands working exactly the same :woman_shrugging:t2:

I know this isn’t related to a question at all, but CONGRATS ON YOUR STORY GETTING TO THE HIDDEN GEMS WALL :sob: :heart:

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