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Yes, these commands working exactly the same :woman_shrugging:t2:


I know this isn’t related to a question at all, but CONGRATS ON YOUR STORY GETTING TO THE HIDDEN GEMS WALL :sob: :heart:


you’re good at this lol


Thank you so much @Jadlyss :sob::heart::heart: I’m still shocked :flushed:


Would it work with spot directing?

Like how would the command look if I wanted my character to walk from zone 1 in zone 3 at a specific spot?


It does not work with spot directing unfortunately.

&pan to zone #
@CHARACTER walks to spot in zone #




Hey there! How do you remove overlays from a scene?


@overlay OVERLAY clear


both :slight_smile:


Place TOM offscreen first using spot directing and move him to layer -3 for example and your front character to layer 3, then use walks to spot command he should be smaller and behind your character :slight_smile:


I have a question. Alright so for the touchable overlays. You know how we can remember a choice and refer back to it well can we do that with the touchable overlays as well?


Just use gains inside the choice and then if/elif/else :slight_smile:


That would work. Thank you so much!!


I’m having a problem with placement of characters example:
@CHARACTER stands upscreen right
@CHARACTER stands at far back right

I don’t want to have them walk there but is showing error when I do above ^


Deleted “at” and you should be fine :slight_smile:


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


to be honest I not sure that I doing correct maybe you can write an example? :slight_smile:
i use this one @TOM spot 0.821 97 209 in zone 2 AND TOM moves to layer -3
@TOM walks to spot 0.839 300 100 in zone 2 and TOM is walk_talk_phone
@remove TOM

but… :slight_smile:


Do you want him to walk off screen? :thinking:


Yes I want him make to walk behind MC, make smaller and also walk off screen. But I know that I do something wrong :frowning: