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This is probably a silly question but I want my overlay to spin forever and it’s not working. I’ve entered it like ‘overlay 5683849453240320_OL - POWER1 rotates 720 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 2.3 loop INFINITE times’ and it seems to only do it once and it’s really frustrating. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Check this post here :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!

Sorry for the SUPER LATE reply but tysm!

How do you make the scenes fade. So you have finished a scene but can you fade it into the next scene in your story? Let me know if it doesn’t make sence

Hi everyone! Do u know is this possible to move a story from one episode profile to another? If yes please answer how.

You use the command:
@transition fade in
@transition fade out

If your fading out the scene put the fade out command with black 2 in front of it, 2 works really well for scene changes. Fade in is used for drama effects, such as explosions, magic spells and so on.

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I don’t think that’s possible. You can create the same story and just copy your script to another account

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Uh, silly question but can you time Reader Message bubbles?

Not at the moment. readerMessages last 5 seconds as default.

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You can’t but you can show support for a thread on choosing how long a readerMessage should last. Check this out: FEATURE: Set how long we want the reader message to stay


Im new to writing episodes and i was wondering if for my first story i could “retell” mythology?

Is it possible to have diamond choices in your story? Like actually choices that cost diamonds? If so how?

I think it would be fine just add in a readerMessage that it was retold

Yep :slight_smile: it’s out for everyone for quite a bit of time now :slight_smile:

Community Author Gem Choices are here for everyone!

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Thank you!

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How do you make a character fall out of a bed?

Never mind, I got it hehe

I noticed that in some people’s episode mobile, there’s things like polls, and other fun stuff that I can’t find even though I have updated episode to its latest version. Is there anyway to access that stuff?

Nope. Some people got lucky to beta test this. It’s an Episode Feed no idea when it will be out for everyone :weary: