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@Apes and @Shadow_Physic I forgot all about it until recently :laughing:

Why was I reminded?! NOOOO…:sob:

Sigh, we just have to be patient :persevere:

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Hi I tried using the recap script at the top of the page and I am getting an error on it, here is the script, can someone tell me whats wrong please?

Do You Want A Recap Of Episode ?
#recap here
@JIMMY spot 1.280 214 -2
@JUDYBLOW enters from left to spot 1.236 67 -2
@JIMMY faces left
@JIMMY is admire
JIMMY (talk_rear)
Hey Bartender, can I get a wine spritzer and a beer?
JIMMY (talk_think)
You doing good?
JUDYBLOW (talk_happy_agree)
Yes everything is going well.
JIMMY (talk_happy_smile)
Good, I feel like I haven’t seen or heard from you in awhile…
@JUDYBLOW is idle_awkward
JIMMY (talk_awkward)
Is everything ok Maggie?
@JUDYBLOW is deepbreath
@transition fade out magenta in 4

On with the story!


On with the story!


You need another bracket here:


Also delete the word choice before No

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I tried that, I’ll try it again… thank you Apes

LOL it worked… thanks again

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That’s sad…
My friend has it and I just watch her…
Okay thank you for your help!

I notice how some “famous” authors are able to preview their unpublished chapters on (I think) mobile, and are able to see it without the “Directing Help” boxes blocking their way and therefore able to show previews. How can I do this?

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All you need to do is to click on the Narration tap on the right, then click on the “Hide elements of HUD” tab to preview your story without any tool bars!

Hope this helps! :grin:

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skjksdjkjdksj THANK YOU!!

So I have seen in a lot of templets, people like to use this statement “when, if, else” what is going on with that? is it a coding method?

Check out these threads:

  1. Script Symbols/Commands and What They're Used For
  2. HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)
  3. The Points System
  4. Tara explains: Ifs, elses, gains, labels, gotos and the points system!

They will explain to you in detail what those are used for ^^

You can also learn about if, elif, else statements in the guides, too, and I would encourage you to watch Joseph Evans’ tutorials on YouTube as they’re great way to get started with directing.

P.S, I believe you mean then, not when.

Good luck!

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HELP ME! My script says that there’s something wrong with the music, and I don’t see any mistakes…

    SINEAD (bow_happy)
Thank you, thank you-

    SINEAD (talk_angry)
Um.. Clapping track, please?

@pause for a beat

sound audience-laugh

    SINEAD (scream_angry)

@pause for a beat

sound applausesparse

    SINEAD (talk_armscrossed_condescending_loop)

Change to audience_laugh

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How can i make my character rember the choise?

Yes, you can :slight_smile:

Here’s how:

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thank you!

Is there anyway to zoom while a character is talking? I normally just do it before or after but it doesn’t really fit on some parts. :slight_smile:

Can use & instead of @ to zoom

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Yes, just use & for zoom before the dialogue :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much, you’re a life saver! :angel: