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Hi again, so I’ve been having a problem with my overlays. In some scenes, the overlay im using for a future scene would quickly pop in and out of the beginning of the scene when I preview it on the mobile version and I’m not sure why exactly, it shows up real quickly kind of like a flash in and out of my scene but works fine with the rest of the scene and the overlay is being used, Ive had this problem for a while and no matter what I do, I cant seem to direct it so it doesnt do that randomly.

Try to add your overlay to the background instead or use & instead of @ when creating overlay in the scene and make sure you add “in 0” to the shifts to and scales to commands. That’s mean that overlay will be there straight away

I have actually, I don’t ever use the @overlay OVERLAY create thing anymore bc the overlay typically doesn’t show up or work for me so I usually add it to my back and so &overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 0 after I direct the zoom and zone so it’s invisible immediately but whenever I preview it, it pops in and out right at the beginning of the scene then the rest of the scene goes on and I direct the overlay to do whatever and it works but for some reason at the beginning it pops in and out really quickly.

can you show me your script?

EXT. SHELLYSTREET with TYPHONEREDO to 0.766 3 87 at layer 8 with CATBUSWINDOW to 1.846 -211 16 at layer 1 with MIRROR2 to 1.756 -22 108 at layer 0
&cut to zone 1
&zoom on 0 164 to 217% in 0
&overlay TYPHONEREDO opacity 0 in 0
&EVERLY spot 1.064 84 -44 AND EVERLY is text_phone_neutral_loop AND EVERLY faces right AND EVERLY moves to layer 2 AND TY spot 1.037 -7 -54 AND TY moves to layer 3 AND TY is sleep_sitting AND TY faces right
@pause for 1.5
@EVERLY spot 1.064 130 -20 AND EVERLY is film_phone AND EVERLY faces left
@pause for 1.5
@EVERLY spot 1.064 84 -44 AND EVERLY is idle_read_phone_neutral
@pause for 1
@overlay TYPHONEREDO opacity 1 AND EVERLY spot 1.064 63 -44
@pause for 0.6
@speechbubble is 219 294 to 80% with tail_top_right
(This is totally going to be my new screen saver.)
&overlay TYPHONEREDO shifts to 14 -182 in 2
&overlay TYPHONEREDO scales to 0.766 0.766
@EVERLY spot 1.064 84 -44 AND EVERLY is idle_read_phone_neutral AND EVERLY faces right
@pause for 0.6
@EVERLY is laugh_chuckle
@pause for 0.5
@EVERLY is idle_read_book AND EVERLY faces right
@pause for 1
@transition iris out gray 2.4

*** It does it right at the beginning of the scene no matter what I do****

place your overlay off screen (so it’s not visible) and after the opacity command between lines place it when you want it exactly

Hey, I have a question: If I place a speech bubble at a certain spot on the screen, will the rest of the speech bubbles appear at the same spot or is it automatically removed?

after @speechbubble reset the bubble will move to default position (somewhere near your character face)

Okay thanks!

I have a question . If am using episode interactive on my computer to make my story will it give my computer a virus


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How do i fix this


To fix that problem you would type:
sound alarmclock_beep

what I did was remove the dash line (-) and replace it with an underscore (_).

Hope this helps!!:grin:

No, don’t worry :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much

I’m trying to add sound to my story but struggling

here’s the simple guide :slight_smile:

Thank you

How do you delete an episode?