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What did i do wrong?

delete ! () . from gain, also delete the space between the word choice and actual choice

How do I make my story appear on the episode app?

You need to log in into writers portal


and publish from there.

Note that you need at least 3 episodes, minimum length of 400 lines

Is there a limelight version of the frustrated animation?

Yeah I know that, but I want to edit from my phone that me laptop can’t do.

Either way, you’ll need to go to episodeinteractive.com and go on the writers portal. Unless you want to do a mobile story (which is limited). Then you go on the app and go to Create>Create New Story.

I’m not familiar with LL animations but you can go to the art catalog and click on animations, the preview will show you all available animations so I’m sure you’ll find one similar :slight_smile:

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Hey stupid question but is there a hand over animation for ink?



Thank you!

how do you iris into a background with your characters already standing there and not have the characters appear then iris in

You’ll need to add in the characters first then add the iris command.



@CHAR1 stands __________
@CHAR2 stands __________

@transition iris in color

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Do the limelight animation loops act glitchy too? Could that be the reason why my friend can’t read our story we are writing?

what do you mean by glitchy loop animations? If your friend can’t read your story it most likely because of the error

Well, my friend is having a hard time pulling the story on up on her phone. I wasn’t sure if it was because the animation loops could be messing with the story.

I don’t think that’s the reason