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Okay, Have you heard of anyone else having this problem? I told her to make a support ticket.

Not heard about this problem at all, but check Report a Bug section, maybe someone had some similar problems :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the advice!

I might have asked this before but I can’t remember. When you hit the publish button does it publish all the episodes you have or Can you pick and choose the episodes that you want to publish?


Unless you only have 3 chapters total, you’ll be able to chose which you want to publish.

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Okay, I have 5 episodes but I want to only publish the first 3 for now. So I should be okay if I hit publish right?


Yes, you should.

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Thank you!

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Can someone tell me how can you make two characters walk at the same time please


Use & for the first character and @ for the second one.

thank you so much!

No problem! :heart:

Just in case though, here’s a totally random code I’ll use as an example:

&CHARACTER walks to spot S X Y in zone # in T and CHARACTER does it while animation

@CHARACTER2 walks to spot S X Y in zone # in T and CHARACTER2 does it while animation

The first character has & in front of them and the second character has @ in front of them.

Also # means a number, T means the number of seconds, S X Y are symbols used to represent numerical values used in spot directing, and animation would be replaced with an actual walking animation that exists (You’d also replace CHARACTER with an actual character that exists)

Anyways, good luck! :black_heart:

And Happy Halloween! :spider_web: :jack_o_lantern:

Hey, I’m currently trying to write with points, and no error message shows up, but when I play it on my mobile device, the if scene doesn’t work.
this is my command

if (YOU > 1){
readerMessage Congrats, you got a bonus scene because you told the truth to Dave
YOU (talk_neutral)
Ok, I’ll meet you there.

@AMAYA 2 exits right
@DAVE 2 enters from left to screen left

    YOU (talk_unsure)
Hey Dave. I wanted to ask you something.
    DAVE 2 (talk_shrug_neutral)
Yeah sure.
    YOU (talk_afraid)
Is this a fake target, since the Head is just testing me?
    DAVE 2 (talk_reassure_neutral)
There has been many hits in Easthill, they just don't assign you to them.
    YOU (talk_awkward_loop)
What happens if I see my family? Will they know?
    DAVE 2 (talk_neutral_loop)
They don't care if you see them, or even talk to them.
They want to see how YOU react to seeing them.
    YOU (talk_agree_happy)
Oh ok, thanks.
    DAVE 2 (talk_gossip)
Let's go before they leave without us.

@DAVE 2 exits right AND YOU exits right
readerMessage You didn’t unlock the bonus scene. Boohoo

    YOU (talk_neutral)
I'll come with you.

@AMAYA 2 exits right AND YOU exits right

Help meeee error again. I try to fix it but mess up. :sweat:
Thanks a lot for helping.

it wont work… for me how you test it…on web or phone?

did you reset your story progress before checking the script?

your brackets are messed up and also delete the space between word choice an actual choice

More about nested choices here:

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From what I can see, I don’t think you can end a chapter just after a choice. Try putting. @pause for 1 at the end so that it doesn’t end like that


They can put @pause for 0, too ^^

However, I tested it out, ending my episode on a choice, no errors appeared and it played perfectly : )