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Can you show a scene when you used points?

Can you have characters with two names or three names? Like for instance John Graves or John Graves Simcoe. Will it cause a glitch in the story?

It’s completely fine, I’ve seen it before ^^

Just don’t put AND in the script name, that may cause glitches lol :rofl:

Also you can make their script name short & their display name (what shows up on screen to the readers and you) long. That way you can type in very little in the script when it comes to the script name : )

I hope I make sense :sweat_smile:

Oh okay, thank you that made sense to me! I writing a story based during the American Revolution and I need to use their original names. Bad part there are two Johns that were officers in the British Army as for the three name character.

Well you can always have their script name as something else (ex. JOE and JACK) You’d create characters called this and then have their display names changed to JOHN GRAVES and JOHN GRAVES SIMCOE

So in your script you’d write JOE, JACK however your readers and you will see JOHN GRAVES and JOHN GRAVES SIMCOE show up since it is the display name.

Example in script using this:

Hey, I’m John Graves.

And I’m John Graves Simcoe.

Okay, thank you! Those are good points. I will keep them in mind when writing.

Glad to hear :wink:

Good luck with everything :smile_cat: :revolving_hearts:

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Thank you!

These are the problems that I found. The first one, there are no closing brackets. I’m not sure. And the bottom one, I’m not sure what is going on…


Thank you! I try.

Hi, um… How do you let the player pick their clothes? Thx!

This is what mine looks like, I’m not very sure as to what’s wrong. I’ll take another look and see what’s wrong.

you have to move your dressing game outside the choice or if/else

if you still need help, send me your script on PM :slight_smile:

How do you guys make the choices effect the episode for example if I had two boys to choose and I chose A what do I do? And what if I chose B? how would I put that in code?

hey guys! Ive seen a few authors do this with intros or lights and I was wondering how you could make an overlay (for example a light fixture or something) look like its flickering on and off?