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Can you find an error in this

@ YOUNG KEHLANI enters from right to screen center in zone 1 AND is facing left


@ EMBER faces right AND @KADEN faces right

EMBER (talk_gesture)
Whats wrong dear?

YOUNG KEHLANI (talk_sad_clutch)
Celestia said I looked ugly with my hair braided and in this dress

@ YOUNG CELESTIA enters from right to screen right in zone 1 AND is facing left


@ YOUNG KEHLANI faces right

YOUNG KEHLANI (talk_angry_accuse)



AND is facing is not a command. It’s always AND CHAR faces:

Also, use punctuation in the dialogues as you only use capital letters and script will recognize it as a character name

Than you so much.

Thank you so much.


Thank you! But does that apply for limelight too or something different?

how do I make my character sleep on this backgrounds bed? INT. YOUR BED - DAY

I’m having problems with my script so when l preview it it’s not going forward l added a remembering choice with this if(date_with_character){ and now it’s not going forward after l put that in my script if anyone knows what to do l would love for you to help me​:heartpulse::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Is it possible to delete an episode? Or at least unpublish a story?

No, unfortunately, you can’t. But you can lock your episodes until they’re ready :slight_smile:

that sucks. thanks so much

I know how to make characters do multiple things while another character is talking. for example:

&CHAR1 is talk_neutral THEN CHAR1 is laugh_giggle THEN CHAR1 is talk_happy_ringbox

CHAR2 (talk_arms_crossed_angry)
Look at that girl over there, ugh. She’s so pretentious.

My question is, how do I make the animations go by quicker? I see this in stories all the time, where they have multiple animations but the animation only lasts for 3 seconds before switching to the next animation. When I do this coding, the animations go by pretty slow. I hope this made sense.

For example:

&CHAR1 is talk_neutral AND pause for 0.5 THEN CHAR1 is laugh_giggle AND pause for 0.2 THEN CHAR1 is talk_happy_ringbox

adjust the time of the pause to your preferences :slight_smile:

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thank you so much!! <3

okay, i’ve tried coding it but it doesn’t seem to work. i’m not sure if i’m doing anything wrong:

&CHLOE walks to spot 0.809 143 171 in 2 AND CHLOE is walk_carry_box THEN CHLOE faces left AND CHLOE is reach_kneel_rear AND pause for 0.1 THEN CHLOE faces right AND CHLOE is dustoff_loop AND pause for 0.2 THEN CHLOE is talk_arms_crossed
Okay, why did I just walk in here and hear Diana threatning to beat someone’s ass?
Which one of you pissed her off?

You have a lot of commands, maybe let her walk to spot first and then rest of the commands? Just try to play with the time of the pause.

okay, thanks!

I’m not sure if this has already been asked (sorry if it has and I’m repeating ), but when you have a character laying down, can you flip them so that their head is on the other side? (if their head is at the left and their feet are at the right, flipping it so that their feet are at the right and their head is at the right)

I want to use this, but when I put my character in, her head is at the end of the bed…help?
also sorry if this doesn’t make any sense