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I have another question about Episode Skip template. Do you put it at the end of the episode or do you put at the beginning of the episode?

BTW this is just a random example (you’d need to replace CHAR with your character’s name, % X Y with actual values that exist and sleep with an actual laying down animation that exists for the character). Here I go:

@CHAR spot % X Y AND CHAR faces left AND CHAR is sleep

See the part I bolded?

You’d write either left or right, depending on which way you want them to face : )

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You’d include a skip template at the beginning of your episode : )

In it, you’d have a goto that leads to the end credits, meaning the whole episode will be skipped for the reader.

Okay, thanks for the info! I will check that out.

hi. i am trying to make a story but the problem is is that when my characters speak, they are in the spotlight bubbles and i sorta dont know how to get rid of that . anyone know?

So, you’d need to write set format cinematic in your episode and from that point, you can use full body animations instead of those blue spotlight bubbles.


thank you so so so much!!! :grin:

No problem :wink:

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Awesome, thanks.

Thank you!

In limelight how do you get a character to sleep?

Are you having trouble finding the animation? Or do you not know how to use the animation?

trouble finding it i think like i have the code and all but I can’t find it laying on the bed without talking

I can’t see my chaaracters feet how do you change it to be able to see their feet?

I’m not sure I get what you are asking, but in limelight, an animation for sleeping is idle_lay_groggy_eyesclosed_loop. And if you can’t see their feet, use the spot helper (or something like that) to move the character.

No problem :wink:

@overlay BLOOD HEART create
@overlay BLOOD HEART opacity 1 in 1
@overlay 4504009188442112_BLOOD HEART shifts to -95 187
@overlay 4504009188442112_BLOOD HEART scales to 1.144 1.144

@overlay BLOOD create
&overlay BLOOD opacity 1 in 1
@overlay 4504009188442112_BLOOD shifts to -58 134
@overlay 4504009188442112_BLOOD scales to 0.078 0.078

apes, or somebody can help me?
I accidentally pressed the “new episode” button for ep 7, even though my episode right now (ep 6) isn’t finished. so there is a blank page.

my question is, how do I delete my empty episode? :sob::sob::sob:

You can’t actually, sorry hun. But it shouldn’t affect your story or your publishing time.

really? doesn’t any effect?