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Okay! But what does 3-4 zones mean?
(And also thanks for responding so fast! :blush:)

3-4 panels I mean :slight_smile: Every background is 1-4 panels long

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I thought you could only get 3, and thank you because i zoomed out as much as i could without the black lines, I thought about it before, but I thought there might be a legitimate way to do it :sweat_smile:

I am new , i dont even know if this is how i make a post…

Anyways i have an error and i dont know how to fix it:
the error message says unexpected dialog error: “tell him the truth.” {

Classes were good.
After school I …


"tell him the truth."{

    IVY (talk_think_neutral)
Charlie took me for a walk to this cool place in the forest, we hungout for a bit and talked

    UNCLE MITCH (talk_argue_angry)
It isn't safe.

Well how would i have known that? You wont talk to me about what happened!

    UNCLE MITCH (talk_argue_defensive)
I do not have to explain to you! Winter is dead! That is that.
I am not going to continue this conversation tonight.

@UNCLE MITCH exits from right.

You need to add choice right before “tell him the truth” Then it should work :relaxed:
Like this;

choice"tell him the truth"{



What I use is Picmonkey and its works great but if you are like me and don’t want to pay I just take a pic of it on my phone :joy::joy::joy:

thank you, do i have to write choice in front of the second option as well?

never mind i got it haha, its so finicky sometimes. i was doing choices fine the last three days, for some reason today i cant do anything:joy:

Could someone explain to me how to do text messages?

for example my character is in her room right now… id like her to get a buzz or whatever for a message notification, then be able to look at a phone screen and text her friend. Is that possible?

thank you!

Yes! I’d have to see and look if there is a buzz sound. But, if you go to Art Catalog and then go to Overlays and scroll down you’ll see a phone screen. There is also a phone background.


If you’re wondering they are by episode so you won’t need to worry about them getting approved.

Have a good day/night!

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I have a problem with my blood overlay
I want the characters to be on top of the blood overlay not the other way around

here is my script


@overlay 6576454030655488_BLOOD shifts to -1 -61

@overlay 6576454030655488_BLOOD scales to 1.000 1.000

&MRS REN spot 1.280 -159 198 in zone 1 AND MR REN faces right

&MR REN spot 1.343 -275 220 in zone 1 AND MRS REN faces right

&MR REN is faint

&MRS REN is faint

Let’s say you set your character’s layers to 1 and 2. You’d then have to set the overlay’s layer to any layer lower than that.

Ok i will try that

I KNOW this is kind of “stupid” but I’m really lost right now. I started this story with its intro and chars talking to each other etc, but my question is… Do you have to code the thing where a person reads your story? Like, choosing your name, pick an appearance and outfits. Thank you beforehand!

Only if the reader is going to be playing a character in the story. You don’t have to it though! You write your story how you want it :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot! But the point is, the game automatically will give the reader the choice of being part of the story or do I have to write it?
Again, thanks. <3

No, what’s happening in your story is totally up to you and how you write and code it :grin:

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Oh, woah. How do I do that?
And, I have a problem with choices. Exa:
if the reader has to choose between going to the movies or the beach, and they choose the movies, how do I set everything depending on the choice?

You need to use labels for that, check out this thread, Tara explained this very well :slight_smile:

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