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you need to use spot directing in every scene to make a character taller

Really? Thank u

unfortunately, yes :confused:

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hmm ok thx

I will give it a try, thx for the suggestion


Hey, can anyone please help me with the coding for Limelight Male CC? On the eyebrows part it keeps telling me that none of the eyebrows listed exists when they do. I’m wondering if I’m coding it wrong or if something is missing.

This is the script:
label boy_brows_0
@CHARACTER1 starts idle_loop
What eyebrow shape would you like?
“Arched Medium”{
@CHARACTER1 changes eyebrows into Arched Medium
}“Arched Bushy”{
@CHARACTER1 changes eyebrows into Arched Bushy
}“Male Generic”{
@CHARACTER1 changes eyebrows into Male Generic
}“Round Medium”{
@CHARACTER1 changes eyebrows into Round Medium
}“Round Soft”{
@CHARACTER1 changes eyebrows into Round Soft
}“Round Thick”{
@CHARACTER1 changes eyebrows into Round Thick
}“Round Thin”{
@CHARACTER1 changes eyebrows into Round Thin
}“Straight Medium”{
@CHARACTER1 changes eyebrows into Straight Medium
}“Select a color.”{
goto boy_browsColor_0
} “Looks good!”{
goto boy_change_0


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Why is there an error on this particular overlay. Maybe I did something wrong on the script?
Here is the script
Yes, they let me be with other’s, but I can’t let any friendships to happen.
@overlay 6345514407428096_HAND AND FOOD shifts to -102 133 in zone 1
@overlay 6345514407428096_HAND AND FOOD scales to 0.165 0.165 in zone 1
@KANE is sit_laugh_crack_up AND AURORA is talk_sit_neutral_deny
&overlay 6345514407428096_HAND AND FOOD shifts to -53 154 in zone 1
&overlay 6345514407428096_HAND AND FOOD scales to 0.180 0.180 in zone 1
&ADALINE spot 0.685 -31 212
@pause for a beat
&AGATHA is talk_sit_doubtful AND AURORA is idle_sit_slouch AND KANE is talk_sit_neutral_arms_crossed
&ADALINE walks to spot 0.608 271 222 in 5
@overlay 6345514407428096_HAND AND FOOD shifts to 254 142 in zone 1 in 5
@overlay 6345514407428096_HAND AND FOOD scales to 0.165 0.165 in zone 1 in 5
@pause for a beat

it’s a name HAND AND FOOT. AND is recognized as a command you need to re-upload this overlay under a different name

Oooooooohh, yeah it is. Thank you so much <3

hi i’m taking the term ‘stupid question’ to the next level with this one… but how do i do a solid color background?

you need to find one and upload one :slight_smile:

Here’s how to upload

thank you!

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The app was really useful and its easy to use, thx for suggesting it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You’re welcome sweetie! :heart::heart:

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How would you place a rotating overlay that’s on loop in a certain spot?

Play around with your anchor point, and check out this thread here:

let me know if you need more help with it!

I’m still a little confused. I didn’t really see where it said where I could place the overlay when it’s rotating. :sweat_smile:

do you have coordinates for the overlay?