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Not a story that you Wanna upload to epsiode with hidden props. (Stories with over three episodes and has been published for other viewers)

Hidden Props are not giving any errors unless it’s LL, then I don’t know. I used some myslef for my story.

What did you use?

coffee mugs, lipstick and probably some more

Those aren’t hidden ones :sweat_smile:

they are, they’re not on the list in the portal

They are props that have already been made and aren’t hidden anymore, they used to be but aren’t now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve used hidden props before also it’s only the hidden backgrounds that have errors probems with stories. I already have two stories that have hidden props in them that are published. Also there is a file it’s just hidden but it shows on the story. I was just hoping there might have been an animation.

Hm… weird. I always see that they don’t work for people but that may have changed. :smiley:

I think some people might forget that hidden props do not appear in the web previewer but they will appear in the mobile app. Though there are some weird little glitches that appear and disappear on both the web previewer and the moblie app.

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Hey, how can I do a q&a in the story.
I mean I want to let the readers see alt the questions they can ask and after they tap on a question and after it is answered to go back to the questions.

Thank you so much.

Do you outfit changes appear instant in story once published or will I need to update again for the outfit changes to occur in the story?

you have to update again

Okay thanks for letting me know.

How is this possible, or am I just being stupid?

maybe it didn’t update it right away :smiley:

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Hi, can anyone help me here

So I’m trying to figure out how to let the nurse be next to the patient and she working on her but I don’t know how to do it.

How do you make the speech bubbles at the top apear and how to make the screen shake?