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if you need help with how to do that, PM me :slight_smile:

label QandA


What questions would you like to ask?


"Have you ever had a serious relationship?" {

#[Not really. I have not had many experiences outside of casual relationships.]

goto QandA

} "What made you move to Norfolk?" {

#[I came here because I had a few friends who joined the military living here.]

goto QandA

} "Where do you see yourself in five years?" {

#[I don’t know to be honest. I just know I don’t see myself getting married.]

goto QandA

} "What do you like about me?" {

#[ Putting me on the spot. You are beautiful. I love looking in your eyes.]

goto QandA

} "What is one thing you can not live without?" {

#[I think it would be not going out with my buddies. I love partying.]

goto QandA

} <GREEN> "I got all the information needed" {



You need someone to actually say the answer :slight_smile:

you used # which is not visible, it’s only for you and taking notes, change all to:

Not really. I have not had many experiences outside of casual relationships.

Thank you sooo much!!! It worked!

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hey! so in my script i want BELLA to stand in front of the bar and BARTENDER to stand behind the bar, ive added the background and the bar overlay and placed it where i wanted it to go, copied the numbers but it literally pops up way down the bottom. heres my script
INT. BAR - DAY with BAR to 1.378 136 -137 in zone 2 at layer 100
@cut to zone 2

@BELLA moves to layer 200
@BELLA changes into BELLA_bar
@BELLA changes hair into Fishtail Braid
&BELLA stands screen left AND BELLA is sit AND BELLA is rear AND BELLA faces right
&zoom on 343 353 to 174% in 3
@transition fade in white in 3

It all began in a bar, at east wing California two years ago.

@BARTENDER moves to layer -100
@BARTENDER stands screen center AND BARTENDER faces left

i zoomed out so i could locate it to find it all the way down here :?
help me!

You need to spot your overlay in the zone you’re in. Also, move your character to the layer after the placement not before

And check my thread here, I used bar scene there :slight_smile:

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Hello! I know this is a stupid question but is there any possible way to make the screen shake in your story like if a airplane was crashing? If not, that’s totally fine, I was just curious because it could benefit my story. Thanks!

heres a template where u can enter ur characters name and change the background ect

thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Hello, does anyone knows any good website or app who can change images to png? for overlays


Thank you!

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hello can someone help? I need a choice where reader has to type in asnwer :slight_smile:

input Question? | Question? | Done (ANSWER)

Oh, and if there is one correct asnwer it wont let them go thru?

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Tysm <3

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Im having this problem
I want this

boat overlay to go to the center of this background

as if it was really being driven but how do I do that"

I can’t see a background but did you try to use directing helper and overlay helper?

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