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Not yet

I fixed it

you want it to be in the centre as in zone 2?

Just put:


then use directing helper and overlay helper to change the size and placement

Is there a way to have multiple characters change outfits at the same time?

Just use changing command one after another one :slight_smile:

Another stupid Question. Can i use BOTH the “avatar name-input” and “LL customization” templates after one another? if so, What do i label the character as? i keep trying to follow everyone’s threads but i am still confused.

JK I got it!

You got it now? :smiley:

Can someone help me with this? The girls are suppose to behind Deric.
Here is the screenshot:

You can put girl in lower layer and boy in hight layer like-
@GIRL moves to layer 0 AND DEREK moves to layer 2

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Okay, I’ll try that out later tonight after work. Thank you.

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Hey, i’ve got a question

when using the notebook background, i want it to look like my mc wrote in it.
how do i do that?
I cant use the narrator because the writing is not how i want it

You would need to either download the background and add the writing by a photo editor with a text box or make a text overlay and place on the background.

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Thank you so much! It fixed it!

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No problem dear.

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I hope that helped you out some?

Hello, I was wondering how to get choices to carry over to the next chapter, like if my character chooses to wear a blue shirt or a red shirt, how do I get that to carry over to the next chapter, if possible, Thank you!

You have to use the comands if, elif and else. I’m not too good with this so I’d suggest you search this on the forums or wait for someone who knows more about this to respond. This is a pretty good guide if you are interested: HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

How do you make the characters walk on and off the screen for INK please? Thank you x

For walking on screen it is:
@CHAR1 enters from left/right to screen position
For off screen it is:
@CHAR1 exits left/right