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It there a way to make the text show up bold or italicized in your story?


you can use text effects:

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I’m trying to do the action of a girl slapping the guy and the guy acting hurt but the girl slapping him is not working, but the guy getting hurt. It’s almost like the girl is skipping the action. but there are no errors in my script it think.

@LENA starts slapface_give_angry
@MAX starts slapface_receive_angry


use is

@LENA is slapface_give_angry AND MAX is slapface_receive_angry


is there a way we can get the characters to walk in from a certain side to a specific spot. I have them entering using the regular commands and then them going to their spots but it looks weird with some characters going backwards to get to the spot I want them to be in and doesn’t look very appealing.
Here’s what I have so far.
@JOHNAH enters from left to screen left and MASON enters from left to screen left and BEN enters from left to screen left and MAX enters from left to screen left
@MAX walks to spot 1.280 225 53
@BEN walks to spot 1.280 129 53
@JOHNAH walks to spot 1.280 50 53
@MASON walks to spot 1.280 17 53
@MASON faces right


you can use:

@CHARACTER enters from left to spot % X Y


How do you get someone to exit by running out? I want her to run off screen.


@CHARACTER exits right/left AND CHARACTER is run_animation

you need to find a run animation in the animations catalog :slight_smile:


Hey all!

I have a question about the start of each episode… How do you get the box in the middle of the screen that says: Episode 1: First Meeting or whatever your episode is called? I also wanted to add artwork introducing the episode after my avatar introduces it…

any help would be appreciated!


Do you mean a Narrator box? Or toaster?

For Narrator box (in the center of the screen)

Episode 1: First Meeting

or Toaster (which appear from the top and stay up for 5 sec)

readerMessage Episode 1: First Meeting

Upload artwork as your background or overlay :slight_smile: in your art catalog, if you don’t know how check out my thread:



I meant with the narrator box - how do I get my character to change emotion?


@CHARACTER is animation

Or in the dialogue:

CHARACTER (animation)


How do you get a scene to fade out to black to transition to the next scene?


@transition fade out


Is there a space specifically for music?


space? can you explain a little bit more?


Like is there somewhere in the art catalog where we can find and listen to music to put in our episode.


check in the app “episode music playlist” there’s a few stories with all the sounds and music available

You can also check it in the catalog under sounds



Hey there! How do you insert music into a script?


Hi. Use the following code … you can search music and sounds on the portal. Or you can search for the episode music playlist on the app!

music music_name
this is the name of the looping music you want to play

volume music 100 0
this controls the volume of music. This code will turn the music to full in 0 seconds. Example 50 3000 will turn the music to 50% in 3 seconds

music off
this turns the music off completely without using the volume control*

sound sound name
this is a non looping sound. All are available in the portal

Hope this helps a little :slight_smile:
Also. Check out this thread for examples on where and how to use all sounds and music