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Thank you so much!
But how do I make a copy?


do you have a customisation in your episode?




Just create a duplicate character, let’s say your character name is KATE, create a character named KATE1 (in display name just change to KATE) create exact copy of your character just with a bald head. So if you want to use character with a bald head use in the script KATE1


OMG, I swear that is the name of the character I want to change! :joy:
Thank you so much, you´re a life saver! :yellow_heart:

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WOW! :smiley: I’m a mind reader or what? :smiley: :joy:

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Haha yes, you are! :joy: :grin:

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Can anyone help with something? What coding should I use to make “write in” answer?


Similar to inputting a name?



This thread explains it all:


So I was reading a story and I noticed that they like fade the sounds and musics, how do you do that??


Thank you!!:smile:


im trying to find the positioning s for INT. PRIVATE PLANE - DAY can anyone help me


you can try to place them yourself, :smiley: just use command:

@CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER is sit

then use Spot Directing to place them on the chairs


I am trying to use the question and answer template that I found, but for some reason when I go to click on the questions, its not showing the answers. Am I missing something? I even just pasted the template in to see if it would work. Nothing. I went to @Dara.Amarie page to get it.


The template is here:

What does your script say? :heart:


Hey! me again!
I’m trying to get my character to appear on a classroom background with a random student next to her… not sure if I need an overlay or not? the dialog is there… she isnt haha


Maybe this will help: HOW TO: Place Characters Behind A Desk :thinking:

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Heylo guys! I was just writing my story and I tried doing the “shake screen while talk” method with the & sign but it only read the last one. Can somebody help me?

&CRYSTAL faces right AND LEO is shocked
&zoom on 0 387 to 135% in 0.1
&zoom on 127 381 to 135% in 0.1
&zoom on 0 114 to 135% in 0.1
&zoom on 191 164 to 135% in 0.1
sound record_scratch_stop

CRYSTAL (scream)
EvErYoNe JuSt ShUt Up!

Thank you!