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JK I got it!

You got it now? :smiley:

Can someone help me with this? The girls are suppose to behind Deric.
Here is the screenshot:

You can put girl in lower layer and boy in hight layer like-
@GIRL moves to layer 0 AND DEREK moves to layer 2

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Okay, I’ll try that out later tonight after work. Thank you.

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Hey, i’ve got a question

when using the notebook background, i want it to look like my mc wrote in it.
how do i do that?
I cant use the narrator because the writing is not how i want it

You would need to either download the background and add the writing by a photo editor with a text box or make a text overlay and place on the background.

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Thank you so much! It fixed it!

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No problem dear.

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I hope that helped you out some?

Hello, I was wondering how to get choices to carry over to the next chapter, like if my character chooses to wear a blue shirt or a red shirt, how do I get that to carry over to the next chapter, if possible, Thank you!

You have to use the comands if, elif and else. I’m not too good with this so I’d suggest you search this on the forums or wait for someone who knows more about this to respond. This is a pretty good guide if you are interested: HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

How do you make the characters walk on and off the screen for INK please? Thank you x

For walking on screen it is:
@CHAR1 enters from left/right to screen position
For off screen it is:
@CHAR1 exits left/right

I have a question… idk if this is dumb, but like when you put in the code that the player can choose their name, how do I make it so that their name keeps showing up in the code

Can anyone tell me where my error is? The portal goes to the “Blush” option but I’ve been staring at it for so long I’m missing it.

label choosing_lips

(Should I make myself look like something?)

“Plum” {
@KYLA is apply_lipstick
@KYLA changes mouthColor into Plum


“Blush” {
@KYLA is apply_lipstick
@KYLA changes mouthColor into Blush


“Rose” {
@KYLA is apply_lipstick
@KYLA changes mouthColor into Rose


“Cherry Red” {
@KYLA is apply_lipstick
@KYLA changes mouthColor into Cherry Red


“Scarlet” {
@KYLA is apply_lipstick
@KYLA changes mouthColor into Scarlet

“Wine” {
@KYLA is apply_lipstick
@KYLA changes mouthColor into Wine



“Better than before.” {
KYLA (eyeroll)
(At least I look like I care.)

“Gross.” {

goto choosing_lips


I’m trying to make a girl fall and then stand up while her friend is laughing at her, but there is a brief moment in between when she is lying on the ground and when she stands up where she just appears standing for a second and then the character goes into the stand up animation. I’ve had this issue before and solved it and went back to look at what I did to fix it then and the coding is the same so I’m not sure whats wrong. I think it may have to do with the fact she is running across zones and I have the camera following them which is of course timed I can show you my script for reference. I also cant get the Football prop to show up in her hand?

@add Football to CHARACTER 1
@cut to zone 3
@CHARACTER 2 spot 0.489 279 430 in zone 3 AND CHARACTER 1 spot 0.489 125 430 in zone 3
@overlay 6378730596990976_FOOTBALL scales to -0.131 -0.131
&pan to zone 1 in 6.5
&CHARACTER 2 walks to spot 0.489 279 430 in zone 1 in 6.5 AND CHARACTER 2 is run_jog
&CHARACTER 1 walks to spot 0.489 125 430 in zone 1 in 6.5 AND CHARACTER 1 is run_jog
@pause for 5.5
@CHARACTER 1 is run_fall
&CHARACTER 2 is laugh_crack_up
@CHARACTER 1 is stand_up AND CHARACTER 2 is laugh_guffaw
@pause for 1

Make sure you use your character display name:

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (CHARACTER)

Replace CHARACTER to your character name and test it on your mobile

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your pause is too short, try 6.6

Prop should show up, just double check the name of the character and maybe try to check it one the phone :slight_smile:

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