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I need some help. I’m new and I’m trying to make two characters talk to each other, but when they finish their speech bubble they move offscreen. This is my code.

@REPORTER 2 spot 0.840 234 186 AND REPORTER 2 faces left
@REPORTER 1 spot 0.840 100 186 AND REPORTER 1 faces right AND REPORTER 1 starts think_rubchin
@pause for 2

    REPORTER 2 (talk_agree_happy)
And once our favorite pop idol Londyn gives an unforgettable performance

    REPORTER 1 (talk_apathetic)
That's true Eddie but what was truly unforgettable was what happened later.

@REPORTER 2 is laugh_giggle

Now no matter what I do as soon as one character stops talking it goes offscreen while the other starts it’s command. They just wont stay in their spot and I don’t know what else to do. I’ve been stucked with this for three days pleaaase help.

Is there a way to start the scene from zone 3? I want the MC to enter the room from right to left but “camera” focused on her while entering because I don’t want to reveal the other character in zone 1 yet.

@cut to zone 3
Before your scene starts


You need to animate the car overlay and characters. For example, if you want them to move into zone 3-
&overlay CAR shifts to X Y in zone 3 in S
&CHAR1 walks to spot X Y Z in zone 3 in S AND CHAR1 does it while (animation)
&CHAR2 walks to spot X Y Z in zone 3 in S AND CHAR2 does it while (animation)
@pan to zone 3 in S

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Have you tried putting the zone ?
@CHAR spot x y z in zone 1 … or whatever zone you are in.
It could also be a glitch and you’ll need to submit a ticket to episode

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This might seem dumb but what is the animation for limelight called where is looks like the MC is getting up?


What does this error mean?

No question is dumb!

How do you lock episodes?

What am I doing wrong?

I still can’t get my story to remember an outfit from Chap 1 of my story.
K. Thanks. LOL

It probably does remember the outfit, you may just have scripted it wrong.

Just try refreshing page :wink:

  1. If you want to set a code for it to unlock it:
    label unlock_code

input Enter the 4 digit code. | Enter the 4 digit code. | Activate! (CODE)

if (CODE is “the code you want”) {

Correct! You've unlocked the door!

} else {

Code incorrect.
Please try again.

goto unlock_code

2) If you don’t want anyone to preview it:
label locked


This episode is locked for now.

goto locked
And for them to work you have to add them at the start of your episode

im trying to get my char to fall down the royal jail bed in zone 1, but she goes all over the place

&pause for .6 THEN NAOMI walks to spot 0.848 386 229 in .4 and NAOMI does it while surf_crowd_loop and NAOMI faces right THEN NAOMI is idle_fallen
(What the f-)

Thanks :smiley:

Hey I have another question…

I want to write text sound or phone rings not sure how too without an error

Hey everyone! Need overlay help! I want to add the SELFIE one and have texts back and forth… not sure how to start :woman_facepalming:t3:


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