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Can someone help me with this?

The overlay stays on top of the character and I don’t know why.

Hi, every time I open the tab create character or continue on episode one from my first story my screen keeps loading and loading and nothing really happens I don’t know how to fix it ( for example if I try to change the hair color of my character) (and With the episode writing It keeps loading but I haven’t written anything yet so there couldn’t be an error wright? maybe you could help me?

Hey, it’s probably because your overlay name is wrong, it’s SRI.EPSIODE :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry can’t help, not sure what is the issue :o

OMG, I can’t believe I didn’t see that before. Thanks lmao! :rofl:

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Try refreshing the page or reconnecting you WiFi or cellular data.

Hi! Um so stupid question but how can I get the transition where it kinda makes a circle, like a clock?

@transition iris in/out


No problem. I’m happy to help :blush:

Bare with me if this sounds dumb…

I’m trying to get my character Isabella to idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop at the same time Joe is talking. I’ve tried using start instead of is, but when I do the character doesn’t carry out the animation.

Put that she starts her animation before he talks.

@ISABELLA starts idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop
JOE (talk_exhausted)

Or just do

JOE (talk_exhausted)
&ISABELLA is idle_arms_crossed_neutral_loop

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put an ampersand (&) :

&ISABELLA starts/is idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop

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why does this happens? I just copied it directly from the art catalog


the ‘v2’ word should be capital letters to I think?

I’ve tried but it still not working :disappointed_relieved:

It doesn’t work for me either :confused:

I think you can use EXT. BRICK MANSION - NIGHT, it works and just add dim effect

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maybe the background is just a glitch or something idk :sweat_smile: