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@add Prop Name to CHARACTER
@remove Prop Name from CHARACTER

No you can’t use this command for overlays unfortunately

the car is always in front of him:

@overlay CAR ANGLE VINTAGE create
@overlay CAR ANGLE VINTAGE opacity 1

@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@overlay CAR ANGLE VINTAGE shifts to -141 114
@overlay CAR ANGLE VINTAGE scales to 0.370 0.370

@hismoonrose INTERSEST spot 0.767 216 135

@hismoonrose INTERSEST is sit

@hismoonrose INTERSEST moves to layer 3

Put this in:

@overlay CAR ANGLE VINTAGE to layer -1

Guess who’s back ? Back again…
Hey all, can someone explain how to animate multiple overlays?
In my story a character gets hit with a shovel… I know how to make the overlays… but I’m still new to the coding.
Any help is welcome!

Hey, so go into the writers portal, click “guides” tab at the top. On the left side of the screen, look for “Placing and Animating Characters”. Click that then click “advanced character placement” and scroll down to the section that has LAYERS in bold font. That will explain layering to you.
Also, check out Joseph Evans on Youtube. He has great tutorials- very well explained, he shows you the writer’s portal that he’s working in and shows you the preview so you know what it should look like. It has helped me a lot.

Ya peep over here is just tryna figure things out with the outfit choices

So i kinda figured out how to fix one problem of the script regarding the choices for outfits however, a new problem appeared and I’ve tried to fix it but maybe I’m just lil dumb when it comes to this kind of thing
So this popped up

Okayy so I’m thinking “should be a quick fix” so I just put the two curly brackets together manually instead of borrowing someone’s template then just add what I want then I saved and nothing
nothing changed it still says error

I am upsetti spaghetti :disappointed:
Someone please enlighten me cause most likely i’m just doing something wrong since I’m so new to this

Okay, so I just used one of Dara’s closet templates. I just realized I have too many options in one section. I don’t want to get rid of those choices. Can you tell how to put two or three choices into their own section? Like my main labels to choose from are fashion_traditional, fashion_colored, and fashion_two_toned. I have multiple choices to choose from in colored label. I
would like to make groups of the colors that match together. I hope this is clear.

@JemU776 @Apes Can you two help me?

Hey! Welcome to the forums :raised_hands:
Line 268, after the word choice, hit enter so that “Rockin Lady”{ is on its own line. Let me know if that helps!

That is fine, it’ll work either way, with “Rockin Lady”{ on the line next to choice or under it :heart:

Add a @ to pause for a beat, so it becomes:
@pause for a beat

I can’t believe I missed that :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I just woke up, that’s my excuse :sleeping::joy:

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Ha ha, that’s OK, it happens, it even happens to me, i miss lots of things sometimes :joy: You are a very helpful member to this community OK :wink: :revolving_hearts:

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currently ripping hair out as I attempt to animate a overlay for the first time

bangs head on wall
Stupid coding. :joy:

something wrong?

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I’m still learning and it’s just a lot. lol. Getting the timing right so that it rotates and moves with the character movement (she walks with the shovel in hand and trying to find the best animation to make it look like she’s swinging the shovel…it’s frustrating.

Why did they give a freaking baseball bat animation without a swing bat animation?! Who does that?!

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use AND i’m my opinion it makes everything move together
@CHAR enters from right to screen center AND overlay BOB BODY rotates anchor point 0 0 in T
tbh I don’t think there is an animation that makes it look great to swing a shovel. the only one I can think of that might work is those slap face animations. it indeed sucks how they have a baseball bat animation without the possibility to make it swing but then again INK has the same thing let’s hope they will add it in the future though

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fingers crossed

It just seems like with all that baseball junk they gave us… a swing animation would be a no-brainer, right?:thinking::roll_eyes:

Thanks for the tip! I’ll def give it a try… I’ll figure it out, I guess. :smile:

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Hi it says " Unexpected CHARACTER: NARRATOR" so I tried adding a character’s name but it still doesn’t work


There should not be a _ between label and medium so label_medium is incorrect.

label medium is fine provided you have at least 1 goto medium

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