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Also, I see you have goto hair_medium below for medium hairstyles in which case instead of label medium, I am sure you’d need to have label hair_medium instead.

okay thank you

And then you only film the part of the screen that you want? 'cause when I tried with the app named ‘loom’, my whole screen was filmed, including the whole script … ;s

On the app, you need to click Navigation then Hide debug elements of HUD … this will get rid of all the buttons and script on the screen. To put them back on just exit the story then go in again. Use a screen recorder to record the parts you want then edit on an app.

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thanks! I’m gonna try this for sure! :slight_smile:

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Hi it says on line 2364 it doesn’t match I tried removing the { but it doesn’t work what do I do


What do you have after the {?
Can you send another screen shot?



Line 2366 you need to add @AMORA UNIFORM

I was using Dara’s family customization template (the one where @FAMILY becomes MAIN CHARACTER) and every time I change them they appear on screen and I don’t want them to be visible. I put them in far off zones like 3 and 4 and they still appear where she is :woman_facepalming:.

Does anyone know how to keep them offscreen?


Can I see the script that you used?

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This is where it starts:
I tried to spot them several times and even tried to remove them.

Have you tried different zones? For example, after CHRISTINA is all done change her last @CHRISTINA spot 456789 in zone 2

Yeah, I already tried. I tried to put her in zone 4 3 times.

Looks like a possible glitch. Perhaps spot them smaller like 0.010 600 -500 :thinking:

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@Jade.epi You’re amazing! It worked! :heart_eyes:
@CandyQueen01 Thank you for also trying to help me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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What code do you need to use to remember choices? I’m trying to write a story where choices matter.

Try this thread: