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Both your male avatars have the same labels. You need to change the labels and gotos for the second one. Just put a 1 at the end of each label and goto that you already have.

Hi there! I was wondering if anyone could make a spot template for this background?

can u send me a template?

when I change the gotos it says it isn’t being used

Like I said on the other thread, just delete them and try again. You must’ve missed some labels or goto’s

a lot of these would require having parts (like chairs , plants and bushes ) as overlays

I can’t find where i found the templates , the person who replied to me must have deleted it .


I cant find what have i done wrong…When I preview the episode the overley is not where its supposed to
@speechbubble is 165 259 to 92%
Episode 1

INT. TEEN SISTER’S BEDROOM - NIGHT with BLANKET to -295 126 0.988 in zone 3
&overlay BLANKET opacity 100% in 0
@SKYLAR changes into SKYLAR_pijamas
@SKYLAR spot 1.137 -48 106
&zoom on 123 14 to 206% in 0
@SKYLAR walks to spot 1.137 137 106 in zone 1
@SKYLAR faces right
@zoom on 109 491 to 206% in 2
@speechbubble is 165 144 to 92%
This is me.
@speechbubble is 165 144 to 92%
My name is Shay.

INT. TEEN SISTER’S BEDROOM - NIGHT with BLANKET to 0.988 -295 126 in zone 3

size comes first then coordinates


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Hey! I wonder how I make the overlays to move…?

You need to use shifts to command

@overlay OVERLAY shifts to X Y in S

Here’s the thread where you can learn more about animations of overlays:

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Thank you so much!

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How do make my own backgrounds? Like what programs can I use to edit episode backgrounds? And can someone please recommend people who make backgrounds? <3 Thanks in advance.

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@southampton23 makes good ones of @CinnamonToast and @JosephEvans has a video of how on his YouTube channel



Check @RudeInception insta as well for helpful guide :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the mention :slight_smile:

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I can’t access the link it says something went wrong or something like that.

sorry, no idea why I can’t get it to work, here’s her insta, you can check video tutorial as well on her IGTV :slight_smile: