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Okay, thanks!

Ofc! :heart:

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Is there a way to make your own props? Or can you only make overlays? Because I want to make my character look as if she has a crown on and walk forward but I’m not so sure how to do that with the crown being an overlay.

No need. Both limelight and ink have crowns as a clothing option. Juat add it to your outfit :+1:

Well yeah, but I wanted the crown to be placed on her head…in that moment…yknow.

Ok. Then create the same outfit but with the crown then put @CHAR changes into outfit :blush:

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AAHHH…Okaayyy sis. Thank You SOO much:smile::+1:

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You’re welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m trying to get 2 characters to kiss. How can I do that? I can’t get it to work

What kind of advanced spot directing can you do in a non-sci fi/ non-fantasy story?

You can use all the advanced directing in the normal story, like spot directing of characters/overlays, zooms and tappable overlays

How do I use tappable overlays?

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This is sincerely a stupid question but I was wondering what are custom poses? what do you use them for?

Custom poses are the character edits / art scenes that you can’t make with available animations. Like for example a guy hugging girl from the back? Don’t think that kinda animation is available in LL.

Is it just my phone that’s not working, or is it not possible to turn on notifications on Episode?

I don’t get it. I got an “unexpected string” error with my mini-game. What am I doing wrong?


EXT. HOTEL TERRACE - DAY with GHAMALI PALACE FOUNTAIN - DAY to 0.121 480 243 at layer -2 with DOUBLE CHOCOLATE COOKIES to 0.323 618 250 at layer -1 with NECKLACE to 0.337 1142 193 at layer -3 with VALENTINES DAY GIFT SET to 0.265 662 149 at layer -4
@transition fade in
@overlay GHAMALI PALACE FOUNTAIN - DAY opacity 0
@overlay 5373538567847936_DOUBLE CHOCOLATE COOKIES opacity 0
@overlay 5373538567847936_VALENTINES DAY GIFT SET opacity 0
@overlay 5373538567847936_NECKLACE opacity 0
@LEONARDO spot 0.569 -64 421
@LEONARDO walks to spot 0.569 94 419 in 4
LEONARDO (think_rubchin)
Where should I go to find anything that Absinthe left?
By the recliners?
@LEONARDO walks to spot 0.569 557 408
@LEONARDO is tinker_kneel_neutral_loop_rear
@overlay GHAMALI PALACE FOUNTAIN - DAY opacity 1 in 3
readerMessage You found a hidden fountain! You gained a point.
LEONARDO (talk_startled_neutral)
How long has this been here?!
gain one_clue
LEONARDO (talk_think_neutral)
On the table…
@LEONARDO walks to spot 0.569 808 375
@LEONARDO is tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear
@overlay 5373538567847936_DOUBLE CHOCOLATE COOKIES opacity 1 in 3
LEONARDO (talk_excited_happy)
LEONARDO (talk_agree_happy)
Maybe she’s surprising me for a date.
readerMessage You’re onto something! You gained 3 points.
LEONARDO (talk_doubtful)
Under the table?
@LEONARDO walks to spot 0.569 810 254
@LEONARDO is tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear
@overlay 5373538567847936_VALENTINES DAY GIFT SET opacity 1 in 3
LEONARDO (talk_gossip)
Is this for me?
LEONARDO (blush_shy)
(How sweet of her.)
readerMessage You found her gift! You gained 4 points!
LEONARDO (talk_exhausted)
I’m too lazy for this shit…
@LEONARDO walks to spot 0.569 1188 352
@LEONARDO is tinker_kneel_neutral_loop_rear
@overlay 5373538567847936_NECKLACE opacity 1 in 3
@LEONARDO is react_shocked_gasp
(This is…)
(Ronnie’s necklace…)
LEONARDO (react_startled_surprised)
(How did it end up here?)
readerMessage You found her necklace… You gained 2 points
LEONARDO (talk_angry)
Now where the hell is she?
&LEONARDO is sigh_disappointed
@pause for a beat
@LEONARDO walks to spot 0.569 1483 347 AND LEONARDO is walk_exhausted_loop

it should be:

tappable [pan:1:4]

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that’s weird, I don’t have this either and no Episode in Notification settings :thinking:

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